Cyclone Spinning Wheel

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Cyclone Spinning Wheel is a skill that appears exclusively in Dragon Quest Tact. It delivers a radial attack infused with a powerful whirlwind to all enemies surrounding the user.


Dragon Quest Tact[edit]

Cyclone Spinning Wheel can be learned by Salamarauder at level 44 and costs 54 MP to use. It inflicts 250% potency Woosh-type physical damage to all enemies in a radius of 1 around the user. Upgrading the skill increases its damage and reduces the amount of MP it costs to use.

Cyclone Spinning Wheel (旋風大車輪 Senpū daisharin)Tactlogo.png
Ability information
Cyclone Spinning Wheel
Role * Type * Element MP cost
Attack Physical DQTact Woosh.png 54
Range Additional effects
DQTact SkillRangeRadial.png
Radius 1
Deals Woosh-type physical damage (250% potency) to all enemies in area of effect
Naturally learnt by

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