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Metal Slash is a recurring ability in the franchise. It ensures it will damage a metal opponent by dealing one extra point of damage.


Dragon Quest IV[edit]

In the remakes, Metal Slash is one of the special abilities that Psaro can learn. He learns it at level 40 (or earlier depending on wisdom score).

Dragon Quest VI[edit]

Metal Slash is learned by Lizzie at level 20. Other characters can obtain it by mastering the Gladiator vocation.

Effected monsters:

  • Metal Slime
  • Metal Slime Knight
  • Overkilling Machine
  • Scytheborg
  • Bad Karmour
  • Liquid Metal Slime
  • Metal King Slime
  • Iron Tortoise
  • Dragooner
  • Mechalomaniac
  • Uberkilling Machine
  • Armoured Wartoise (ocean)

Dragon Quest VII[edit]

Dragon Quest VIII[edit]

Metal Slash is a sword technique that both the the Hero and Angelo can learn. It requires 30 skill points by the Hero, and 22 skill points by Angelo.

Dragon Quest IX[edit]

This ability is learned with 13 skill points invested into the Sword skill.

If the enemy being attacked is not a metal enemy, then this ability is functionally equivalent to a normal attack. Otherwise, the enemy in question takes 1 or 2 damage (provided that no critical hit is dealt and the metal enemy does not evade the attack).

If a Falcon blade or an Über falcon blade is equipped, then the ability is performed twice in succession, thus dealing at most 4 damage (assuming no critical hits).

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