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Metal Slash is a recurring ability in the franchise. It ensures it will damage a metal opponent by dealing one extra point of damage, and will deal extra damage to mechanical monsters in certain titles as well.


Dragon Quest IV[edit]

In the remakes, Metal Slash is one of the special abilities that Psaro can learn. He learns it at level 40 (or earlier depending on wisdom stat).

Dragon Quest VI[edit]

Metal Slash is learned by Lizzie at level 20. Other characters can obtain it by mastering the Gladiator vocation. Effected monsters:

Dragon Quest VII[edit]

Metal slash is learned at rank 6 of the Gladiator vocation, rank 2 of the Champion, and rank 2 of the Hero. Though monster vocations it is learned at rank 2 of the Automaton and Ersatz Estark Affected monsters:

Dragon Quest VIII[edit]

Metal slash is a sword technique that both the the Hero and Angelo can learn. It requires 30 skill points by the Hero, and 22 skill points by Angelo. Affected monsters:

Dragon Quest IX[edit]

This ability is learned with 13 skill points invested into the Sword skill.

If the enemy being attacked is not a metal slime enemy, then this ability is functionally equivalent to a normal attack. Otherwise, the enemy in question takes 1 or 2 damage (provided that no critical hit is dealt and the metal enemy does not evade the attack).

If a Falcon blade or an Über falcon blade is equipped, then the ability is performed twice in succession, thus dealing at most 4 damage (assuming no critical hits).

Dragon Quest XI[edit]

Metal slash deals 1~2 damage to metal slimes, but now also ignores evasion and the Dazzle affliction. The Hero, Erik, Sylvando, and Hendrik will learn the skill for 12 points in their sword skill path.

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