Liquid metal sword

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Liquid metal sword is a recurring weapon in the Dragon Quest series.


Dragon Quest IV[edit]

The liquid metal sword has an attack bonus of +130 and cannot be sold. It can be found in Cascade Cave, but only after the player receives a special item in Dunplundrin.

Dragon Quest VIII[edit]

The liquid metal sword has an attack bonus of +118 and can be sold for 5,000 gold coins. It's guaranteed to inflict 1-2 damage on metal monsters and can mix with the Dragovian sword to make the Dragovian king sword through alchemy.

Recipe: Rusty old sword + Slime crown + Orichalcum

Dragon Quest IX[edit]

Described as an extremely hard blade that carries incredible clout, the Liquid Metal Sword has an attack of 124 and a rarity of 3. To obtain it, one must mix one Metal Slime Sword, one Orichalcum, and six Slimedrops. It cannot be bought, and can be sold for 27,000 gold.


  • An extraordinary hard blade allows this sword to inflict massive amounts of damage. (Description when selecting the Liquid metal sword in PS2 Dragon Quest VIII.)