Torneko no Daibōken: Fushigi no Dungeon

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Torneko no Daibōken: Fushigi no Dungeon (Japanese: 不思議のダンジョン トルネコの大冒険) (loose translation: Torneko's Great Adventure: Mysterious Dungeon) is the first game in the Mysterious Dungeon series. This installment features Torneko (or Taloon, as he was known in North America), the merchant from Dragon Warrior IV. The game involves Torneko adventuring around in the "Mysterious Dungeon" in search of items.


The gameplay is similar to roguelike style PC games. The main similarity is the heavy use of randomized dungeons and effects, with each square or panel representing one "step". While Torneko explores the dungeon, he collects gold and items and fights monsters, similar to the ones found in Dragon Quest games. With every step the player takes, monsters will advance steps, too (unless they are sleeping). There are also "trap" squares that are activated when Torneko steps on them.

Each dungeon has a certain number of floors to explore. The goal is to explore as much as possible before finding the stairs and moving on to the next floor, and ultimately, the exit.

If Torneko leaves the dungeon, he can sell off the items he found. He can also equip certain items to make himself stronger for the next trip (although his level resets every time he enters a dungeon). By saving up money, Torneko can improve his home and shop. The catch is that if Torneko falls in battle, all of his gold and items earned while in the dungeon are lost.


As with other games in the Dragon Quest series, the musical score for the game was composed by Kōichi Sugiyama. Sony Records released the soundtrack, titled Suite Torneko's Great Adventure: Musical Chemistry, on October 21, 1993 in Japan. It contains eight arranged tracks performed by a chamber orchestra, as well as three tracks containing original game music.


In 2006, the game was voted number 78 by the readers of Famitsu magazine in its top 100 games of all time.


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