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Slime MoriMori Dragon Quest: Shōgeki no Shippo Dan スライムもりもりドラゴンクエスト 衝撃のしっぽ団 Shōgeki no Shippo Dan|lit. "Slime of Gusto Dragon Quest: Ballistic Tails Brigade" is a Japanese action-adventure video game published by Square Enix in 2003 for Game Boy Advance. It is part of Square Enix's Ultimate Hits. The game is based on the fictional Dragon Quest universe with players controlling a slime. While the game has never been announced for a North American release, its sequel was brought over as Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime.

According to Japan-GameCharts, the game has sold 346,299 copies as of December 30, 2007.


The main plot of the game is a blue slime (later localized as Rocket) is trying to save his family and friends that were kidnapped by a group of monsters called the Tails Brigade. The blue slime is a monster from the Japanese Dragon Quest video game series. The slime uses his body to attack opponents. He can also stack other slimes that he freed and monsters on top of his head.


These bosses (minus the gigantes, stone golem and wyrtoise) later appeared in Dragon Quest Monsters 2: Iru and Luca’s Marvelous Mysterious Key.


Yoshiki Watabe, producer of Dragon Quest VIII, thought of the idea and approached series creator Yūji Horii and together they brainstormed the games genre and style. Previously the two had discussed making a game for children while working on a port of Dragon Warrior to the Game Boy, and the need for a main character appealing to children.

When first conceived, the game had the blue slime protagonist wielding a sword and shield, and a gameplay test was done in this style, but was rejected because developers felt "This isn't really a slime game, this is like a blue Link (from Legend of Zelda)". Developers then started over and asked what a slime could do that a normal character couldn't, from which the idea of the player stretching and launching the slime at enemies and objects came from. The developers also chose to keep humans out of the game, due to that if they did appear, they would probably just run around killing all the slimes.


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