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Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince (ドラゴンクエストモンスターズ3魔族の王子とエルフの旅 Doragon Kuesuto Monsutāzu 3 mazoku no ōji to erufu no tabi , lit: "Dragon Quest Monsters 3: "Journey of the Prince of the Demon Clan and the Elf") is the seventh game in the Dragon Quest Monsters series. It was released on December 1, 2023 worldwide for the Nintendo Switch.


The game is set in Nadiria, the underworld from Dragon Quest IV and V.

Psaro is cursed and is unable to harm anything with monster blood. Now, he must become a Monster Wrangler to create an army for battle.

The hunt for high-ranked monsters takes Psaro through the ever-changing seasons of Nadiria and its unique environments, with rivers of bubbling lava, mysterious ancient ruins, and soaring towers of cake. Along the way, Psaro meets the kind-hearted elf, Rose, who joins his adventure to seek out ever-stronger monsters.

The key to Psaro's success lies with synthesis: the ability to combine two monsters and create a stronger offspring. Each new creation brings Psaro one step closer to his goal of becoming the Master of Monsterkind.


Gameplay-wise, it follows the same basic setup as the 3DS Monsters games: players can freely explore the world's 3D environments and they can engage in turn-based fights with their teams of monsters. As in Joker 3, the battles are 4 vs 4.

As in previous Monsters games, the creatures have sizes, however in this game there are only two sizes: small (S) and large (L).

As usual in the series, players can acquire new monsters by either showing them a remarkable strength, or by combining two monsters.

Version 1.0.3 update patch[edit]

The following changes and balance adjustments were implemented in the patch released on 27/12/2023:

  • 1: Monty's synthesis center was added to the list of Zoom points
  • 2: The number of eggs per Echelon has been increased from 3 to 6
  • 3: Egg respawn rates now only require a single battle instead of ten
  • 4: The likelihood of gold and rainbow coloured eggs has increased
  • 5: Additional talent scrolls are available for purchase in the post-game
  • 6: The map icon has been altered for clearer understanding of one's location
  • 7: The success rate of stun-inducing abilities has been nerfed slightly
  • 8: Scouting probability has been increased by 10%
  • 9: Monsters now respawn indefinitely for each rank level in the Mole Hole DLC dungeon
  • 10: Coach Joe's training dungeon can now be reset three times per 24 hour period. The number of treasure chests withing these dungeons has been increased
  • 11:A treasure chest has been added to the basement of Rosehill Tower that contains two bumper bonus balls

In addition, the following bugs were addressed in the patch:

  • 1: Game crashes have been rectified
  • 2: Online battle disconnections have been rectified
  • 3: Instances of the game freezing during the transition of the seasons has been rectified
  • 4: Rare instances of the game soft-locking after feeding meat to a monster have been rectified
  • 5: Instances of the player being unable to access the final rank of the Endor tournament after completing rank A have been recitfied

Version 1.0.4 update patch[edit]

The following changes and balance adjustments were implemented in the patch released on 23/01/2024

  • The probability of a sparkling monster appearing as the result of synthesis has increased
  • The animation of monster eggs hatching has increased
  • The probability of metal king slimes appearing in their designated areas has increased
  • Royston the paddock keeper makes small-talk less frequently when spoken to, allowing the player to access the paddock more quickly
  • Monsters that appear in Aamon's Sanctum no longer chase the player even if they spot them.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Zoom spell to transport players to the altar of amalgamation within the circle of Nadiria they are currently in instead of the target altar in Terrestria
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the correct BGM from playing when Zooming to an altar of amalgamation
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the difficulty indicators from displaying properly when using the magic circle in Rosehill Tower to enter Nadiria
  • Fixed a bug that crashed the game when opening the friend list from the online battle menu
  • Fixed a bug that crashed the game when a monster accumulated a total of 9,999,999 experience points
  • Fixed a bug that would display the wrong ability name in battle when used directly from the command menu
  • Fixed a bug in the Mole Hole where the following monsters would randomly not be counted for the scouting total of a trip into the dungeon: mischievous mole, maniacal mole, don mole, calypso king
  • A treasure chest containing three super seeds of skill was added to the Rosehill Tower basement

Version 1.0.5 update patch[edit]

The following changes and balance adjustments were implemented in the patch released on 05/03/2024

  • The Personal Grudge trait now only activates once per battle
  • The Decontaminate and Detox traits now also cure the stun status ailment
  • Improved response time on several menu screens
  • The frame rate has been improved in certain areas and during cutscenes
  • The tufts of grass have been removed in the G~B rank levels of the Mole Hole so that smaller monsters are easier to see
  • Bugs related to stability issues have been rectified
  • A bug within the online ranking system that prevented the player's from receiving rank bonuses between seasons has been fixed
  • A bug preventing the green bogey's resistance to instant death from being displayed properly in the monsterpedia has been fixed
  • A bug that caused the game to crash when examining monster eggs in specific locations in the Middle Echelon of the Circle of Caprice has been fixed
  • Bugs that prevented Psaro from moving after jumping from high areas in certain dungeons have been fixed
  • A treasure chest containing two bumper bonus balls has been added to the Rosehill Tower basement

Version 1.0.6 update patch[edit]

The following changes and balance adjustments were implemented in the patch released on 18/04/2024

  • Monster eggs can now be seen on the map screen and mini map
  • Items that grant the sparkling effect and increase the maximum limit of a stat by 100 have been added to Fizzy's shop, rotating each day of the week
  • Monster synthesis that involves a sparkling monster as a component now greatly increases the chance of the resulting monster to also sparkle
  • Sparkling monsters now have their boosted-stat noted with the sparkle icon on the status screen
  • Items that alter a monster's size are now sold in Fizzy's shop, being the downsizing seeds and upsizing seeds
  • A monster's precise size details are now listed on the status screen, next to their rank
  • Talent details can now be examined via the X button when checking a monster synthesis result at the Altar of Amalgamation
  • The reverse synthesis search option now has detailed filters to search for specific parent components
  • Bugs related to stability issues have been rectified
  • Fixed a display bug preventing Auto-Restora and Auto-Cadabra's effects from being properly displayed after the possessors are hit with Disruptive Wave
  • Fixed at bug where the AI would occasionally use Wave of Relief even in situations where it had no use
  • Fixed a bug preventing talents from being filtered properly on the monsterpedia screen
  • The frame rate has been improved in certain areas and during cutscenes
  • Two chests containing 5 downsizing seeds and five upsizing seeds were added to the Rosehill Tower basement

New features & system alterations[edit]

  • Monster synthesis has been greatly simplified, abolishing the rank combinations, monster polarity, and "+" values seen in earlier titles. Instead of the "+" value directly boosting a freshly created monster's stats, the 6 monsters that make up that beast's lineage, 2 parents and 4 grandparents, influence how quickly a particular stat will grow before reach it's preset total. This is based on the families of the component monsters, with the slime family affecting HP, agility, and wisdom, the dragon family for HP, MP, and attack, the nature family for defence, agility, and wisdom, the beast family for MP, defence, and agility, the material family for attack, defence, and wisdom, the demon family for MP attack, and defence, the undead family for HP, MP, and agility, and finally the ??? family affects HP, attack, and wisdom. As such, if 4 of the 6 monsters that make up a newly synthesized monster's lineage belong to different families then the creation will enjoy accelerated growth in all stats before hitting the species' natural cap. If the levels of both parents are at 100 then the boosts detailed above will be as high as 20%.
  • Monster polarity had been abolished in Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3, but this title is the first instance in which overseas players can experience the gameplay difference.
  • Monster combinations are now centered around the appearances of the components and any shared themes or games of origin they may have, allowing players to make more educated guesses as to what combinations will result in. As a result, several tried and true combinations no longer yield the same results as in past games and experimentation is greatly encouraged.
  • Monster scouting has been altered so that the wisdom stat of the monsters putting on a show of force is factored into the success rate, and not just the attack stat. This alteration was made so that even dedicated casters can impress wild monsters, with the higher of the two stats on a given monster being used for the calculation; if a monster has equal attack and wisdom then one is picked at random.
  • The player's chance to scout a monster of a particular Circle is also influenced by whether or not the boss of the area has been defeated.
  • A show of force no longer counts as a physical attack and is thus unaffected by Dazzle, Sandstorm, base dodge rates, etc. If members of the player's party are asleep, confused, or paralysed then they will not contribute to the show of force.
  • Giant-sized monsters that take up three and four party slots have been removed, with there now only being single-slot and two-slot size ranges. Furthermore all monsters can be bred to be of either size, with the main differences being access to more actions per turn, an extra three traits, and maximum HP and HP being increased by 25%. The other stats are multiplied by a factor dependent on which Tactical-class trait they possess, being:
  • Sparkling monsters have been added to the game. These glimmering creatures have a 5% chance of appearing when a synthesis is performed and are noted by a special mark that appears on their icon, and enjoy having the upper limit of one of their stats raised by 100 points. Which stat is affected is chosen at random and cannot be influenced by the player.
  • Frenzied states have been introduced, based on the pep system of Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age. These super-charged states have a random chance to activate each turn, which skyrockets when a fellow party member is in critical health. Becoming frenzied allows a monster to go further beyond their limits bay gaining an extra action per turn, all types of damage being powered up by 150%, and all damage received being cut in half. The effect lasts only a few turns and can be utilized by enemy monsters and bosses, but the resulting power surge is more than enough to turn the tide for the players on the back-heel.
  • Seasons appear, changing the landscapes of Terrestria and Nadira greatly. Locations that are inaccessible in one season can be reached in another, the variety of monsters changes, and different items can be found scattered through the lands in different times of year.
  • Modifications have been made to resistances so that the effects of "Crafty" accessories and "Ultra Crafty" traits will now override immunity. For example, Krystalinda has the Ultra Crafty Cracker trait that reduces a target's resistance to the Ice element by 50%; if she were to cast Kacrackle on a snowmangler, which is immune to Ice, the power of the spell would only be cut in half. If she were to be equipped with an accessory that grants her the Crafty Cracker trait, the effect of the accessory would stack with her natural traits and the damage of her Kacrackle would only be reduced by 40%. This means that by paying attention to a monster's traits and accessories, even metal slimes can be wiped out in a single shot.
  • The reverse is also true, with monsters that have natural immunity to an element or status ailment being able to take advantage of "Ward" accessories and "Ultra Ward" traits. For example, if the same snowmangler described above was granted the Ultra Crack Ward trait through one of several talents and the Crack Ward accessory trait, it would nullify the aforementioned Krystalinda's ability to override it's immunity to Ice and void the damage from her Kacrackle spell.


Producer Kento Yokota met with Yuji Horii during the early planning phase of the title, and initial discussions regarding the game's plot centered on having Terry and Milly be the protagonists as a way to bring the series back to it's roots for the 25th anniversary. There were concerns that this approach would be somewhat limiting in where the story could go, and that it would not feel original. Yokota reflected on the rich story of Dragon Quest IV and initially considered using Solo as the protagonist, but reconsidered upon realizing that this would fundamentally be following the same premise as Terry starring in the original game. Instead, Yokota suggested using Psaro as the protagonist on the basis of the character's lasting popularity with fans and the shock value of playing as a central antagonist from a mainline game. Horii approved of this bold direction and agreed that this would be the premise of the 25th anniversary title, wanting the explore the history of a younger Psaro.

Careful consideration was given to the story and tone of The Dark Prince as it was decided to have the side-story tie directly into the events of Dragon Quest IV, an unprecedented move within the series as the story of Terry's Wonderland took place several years prior to the events of Dragon Quest VI and featured no connecting characters aside from the young siblings. To this end scenario writer Jin Fujisawa was hired to write the game, who was a long-time contributor to the series and had personally written the additional sixth chapter of Dragon Quest IV first seen in the Sony PlayStation remake[1]. Fujisawa wrote the treatment and reviewed it with Horii, with particular care being given to how Solo and the other Chosen Ones would be presented within the game's narrative; Horii's concern was that players were not given the impression that the Chosen Ones were villainous even if they were opposed to Psaro.

Monster synthesis was also given a considerable amount of attention by Yokota and Horii, who viewed the system as the defining feature of the Monsters series [2]. To this end it was decided it was time to shake up the traditional combinations for new mixtures. Ditching the tried and true formulas fosters a sense of discovery in players by finding new ways to create their favorite monsters, many of which are fun references to that beast's debut title; for example, Hargon is created by combining Atlas, Belial, Pazuzu, and the Wrecktor instead of a wight king and metal king slime.

For the game's logo, it was decided to use black and pink as the main colours to reflect Psaro and Rose as the central characters[3]. Yokota was nervous to use this approach at first due to black never being used as one of the colours of the logo in any Dragon Quest title before, but Horii noted that the design left a strong impression which reflects the more serious nature of Psaro's story, as well as Rose's importance to him as his lover, and the concept art was quickly finalized.


Role Staff
General Director Yuji Horii
Character Designer Akira Toriyama
Music Composer Koichi Sugiyama
Scenario Writer Jin Fujisawa
Principal Artist Hayato Yammamoto
Role Staff
Psaro Gwilym Lee
Daisuke Ono
Rose Emma Ballantine
Reina Ueda
Toilen Hyoie O'Grady
Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Solo, the Hero Joshua Wichard
Takeshi Kusao
Ragnar Gordon Cooper
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Alena Denise Gough
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Ludo Jack Ayres
Soma Saito
Zenith Dragon Andrew James Spooner
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Sparkie James Macnaughton
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Azabel Denise Gough
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Orifiela Claire Morgan
Ai Kakuma
Aamon David Annen
Bin Shimada
Furgil James Macnaughton
Daisuke Sakaguchi
Fizzy Harriet Carmichael
Hina Suguta
Gloopert Tom Berkeley
Maria Naganawa
Devlin James Macnaughton
Shiori Izawa
Duffer Bruce Mackinnon
Shota Hayama
Eileen Claire Morgan
Momo Asakura
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Healie Harriet Carmichael
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The Shriveller Matthew Gravelle
Toru Nara
Royston Mark Noble
Jin Urayama
Monty Paul Copley
Atsuyoshi Miyazaki
Zachariah Stewart Scudamore
Yuki Tamai
King of Endor Jay Villiers
Atsushi Imaruoka
Master of Ceremonies Graham Vick
Shunsuke Takeuchi
Endor Colosseum Registrar Claire Morgan
Chie Nakamura
Ossie Gary Martin
Toru Nara
Maulosseum Registrar Jack Ayres
Yuu Hayashi
Wyrmsworth Maxim Reston
Rintaro Nishi
Lady Vinezzia Mariam Haque
Yuhko Kaida
Sir Goolahad Jay Villiers
Wataru Takagi
Sir Sabrefang Maxim Reston
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Gnibbler Thomas Ward
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Tsuguo Mogami
Blaise Trev Fleming
Tsuguo Mogami
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The Ifreann Eagle Francis Magee
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Raph Stewart Scudamore
Atsushi Imaruoka
The Cane Custodian Lucy Montgomery
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Massimus Francis Magee
Kouji Takeda
Pruslas Joseph Capp
Masafumi Kimura
Pierre Joseph Capp
Masanori Takeda
Petrarch Gary Martin
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Ancient Elven Queen Lucy Montgomery
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The Crystal Guardian Ben Cura
Yu Kitada
Howie Michael Geary
Kozo Shioya
Darius Jimmy Gladdon
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Barbatos Philip Bretherton
Masuo Amada
Dwight the Archimandrite Philip Bretherton
Setsuji Sato
Whitewhorl the Watcher Paul Herzberg
Show Hayami
Greeter Claire Morgan
Arisa Date
Eishael Claire Morgan
Yuhko Kaida
Additional Voices Bert Davis, Oliver Savell
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Voice-Over Director Akane Maeda
Recording Production Coordinators Hiroshi Kubo, Kinuho Houwa
Recording Engineer Toshihiro Yoshida
SIDE London: Voice Production
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Head of Casting Martin Vaughan
Casting Team Kaisey Elder
Voice Director Jon Ashely
Production Managers Lottie Mills, Matt Furmidge
Production Assistant Ethan Beaven
Senior Engineer Sam Foster, Prasheen Naran, Rob Kirby
Head of Post Production Gabriella Scanio
Editors Yasmin Nadira, Kai Orozco, Eugene Tong, Vyvyan Napoletani
Head of Studio Sini Downing
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Localization & QA Director Yutaka Sano
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Digital Sales Coordinator Joanne Choi
Square Enix, Inc.: Sales Analytics
Role Staff
Associate Director, Sales Analytics Kasim Somers
Manager, Sales Analytics Warren Perdon
Senior Sales Analyst Lana Josephbek
Sales Analysts Corey Chamberlain, Luxe Chaiveera
Associate Sales Analyst Ana Horta
Square Enix, Inc.: Retail Marketing
Role Staff
Marketing Director, Retail and Digital Channels Pouya Mirzadeh
Manager, Digital Marketing James Curtis
Square Enix, Inc.: Digital Channels
Role Staff
Ecommerce Director Kevin Biely
Senior Manager, Ecommerce Kori Neal
Ecommerce Specialist Panida Kamsingwong
Senior Web Developer Ben Berlin
Director, CRM & Customer Loyalty Daniel Nasserian
Manager, CRM & Customer Loyalty Jacqueline Louie
Associate Manager, CRM & Customer Loyalty Olivia Hadfield
Coordinator, CRM & Customer Loyalty Christina Chu
Digital Project Manager Knoah Piasek
Senior Web Designer Andres D'Aleman
Square Enix, Inc.: Creative
Role Staff
Video Content Director Fred Altman
Visual Design Director Michael Bannon
Visual Design Lead Brett Wooldridge
Senior Visual Designer James Cunningham
Creative Producer James Ferrell II
Senior Graphic Production Designer Ken Murayama
Senior Creative Producer Caroline Wu Bonti
Senior Video Editor Daniel Ness
Senior Motion Graphics Artist Anthony Ricciardi
Square Enix, Inc.: Merchandise, Project Communications
Role Staff
Senior Director of Merchandise, Project Comunications Kanji Romeo Tashiro
Senior Manager, Project Communications Ami Funaki
Manager, Project Communications Aimi Tokutake
Assistant Managers, Project Communications Hinano Akiyama, Kohya Bamba
Translator, Project Communications Amelia Ishii
Senior Manager, Merchandise Jennifer Park
Assistant Managers, Merchandise Peter Whites, Richelle Brady, Sarah Bloom
Square Enix, Inc.: Executives
Role Staff
Chief Publishing Officer, EMEA, Americas & Oceania John Heinecke
Vice President, Publishing Strategy Larry Sparks
Vice President, Regional Marketing Gary Pfeiffer
Executive Creative Director, SEW Ricardo Mireles
Regional Manager Yoko Hashimoto
PTW Canada Solutions, Inc.
Role Staff
LQA Director Maxim Mizin
Associate LQA Project Manager Lisa Boller
LQA Project Coordinator Cee Ford
LQA English Testers Thomas Watson, Sam Goldreich, Victor Bacelar Campelo, Alex Kemp, Isabelle Douailly-Backman, Alexander Mackenzie Blackman, Diana Zeidan
Square Enix Ltd.: QA & Localisation Services
Role Staff
QA & Localisation Services Directors Marc Titheridge, Yuko Tomizawa
Head of Localisation Martin Walter
Localisation Project Manager Nobuko Sugahara
Senior Localisation Producers Alex Moresby, Elisa Giribaldi
Localisation Producer Kevin Balon
Assistant Localisation Producers Shailesh Iyer, Heeky Kim
Senior LQA Manager André Woitczyk
LQA Managers Sébastien Dulabour, Björn Holste
Assistant LQA Manager Hoi-Yee Leung
Senior Mastering Manager Jason Walker
Senior QA Lead Helena Simsolo
Senior QA Lead (French) Cindy Mouandza
Senior QA Lead (Italian) Erica Berghi
Senior QA Lead (German) Heike Pham Dan
Senior QA Lead (Spanish) Manuel García
Localisation QA Project Coordinator (Japanese) Sean Foyle
Senior Translator/Editor (French) Marie Pierre Martin
Senior Translator/Editor (Italian) Federica Lusardi
Senior Translator/Editor (German) Katharina Klamt
Senior Translator/Editor (Spanish) Raquel Uzal-Gómez
Square Enix Ltd.: Japanese Language Support
Role Staff
Senior Translation Manager Kazuya Andrew Yamanaka
Interpreting Manager Gavin J. Poffley
Translation Task Manager Grace Ellen Mitchell
Assistant Manager - Translation Systems Katsuya Norita
Japanese Business Translators Shigeru Tabata, Juzo Hirose, Hinako Matsumoto, Toby Walters, Yuka Wadsworth, Manami Sekine
Square Enix Ltd.: Square Enix Europe Sales, Marketing, PR & Community
Role Staff
Senior Marketing Manager Will Jackson-Smart
Assistant Marketing Managers Niralee Modha, Carys Gaskin
Senior PR Director Alex Huhtala
PR Director Thorsten Küchler
PR Executive Claudio Carneiro
Social Media Managers George Hind, Edward Price, Darren Kruse
Senior Social Media Manager Sunil Godhania
Social Media Director Teague Emery
Director, Business Planning Hideki Miwa
Business Manager Imogen Wright
Executive Director Marketing Larry Sparks
Chief Publishing Officer, EMEA, Americas and Oceania John Heinecke
General Manager, EU Commercial & Publishing Services Justin Gaffney
EU Sales Director Karine Parker
Business Intelligence Manager Leah Simpson
EU Marketing Director Anthony Newall
Senior Media Strategist Kim Fitzgerald
Media Manager Richard Roper
Assistant Media Manager Sam Wood
Senior Production Manager Carrie Judge
Production Manager Lynne Fisher
Director of Influencer Relations Adam Phillips
Senior Influencer Relations Manager Ibrahim Bhatti
Influencer Relations Manager Ria Patel
Ecommerce Strategy Manager Celia Gennetay
Content Communications Manager Duncan Heaney
Square Enix Ltd.: UK/Export Sales and Marketing
Role Staff
Marketing Director - UK Yolande Vandenbulcke
Senior Marketing Managers - UK Peter Bellew, Wayne Greenwell
Marketing Manager - UK Melissa Larsson
Assistant Marketing Manager - UK Jason Psarras
Senior PR Manaer - UK Tom Goldberger
Assistant PR Manager - UK Michael Bryant
Marketing Director - Export Laura Disney
Senior Marketing Manager - Export Ben Grunbaum
Marketing Manager - Export Sandra Chau
Assistant Marketing Manager - Export Claire Neil
PR Manager - Export Shehryar Sheikh ('Shez')
Sales Manager - Export Katie Edwards
Senior Sales Manager - UK & Export Tom Vickery
Square Enix Ltd.: France/Benelux Sales and Marketing
Role Staff
Managing Director Florent Moreau
Marketing Director Tristan Perdriau
Marketing Manager Julien El Rab
Senior PR Manager Émilie Hurel
Community, Social & Influencers Manager Cédric Devoyon
Sales Analyst Isabelle Connuel
Senior EU E-Commerce Manager Priscille Demoly
Square Enix Ltd.: G/A/S Sales and Marketing
Role Staff
Managing Director Square Enix GmbH & Operations Director PAL Klaus Jens
Marketing & PR Director Lars Winkler
Marketing Manager Marcus von Lüde
Senior Marketing Manager Kerstin Weber
Senior PR Manager Markus Häberlein
Influencer Relations & PR Manager Daniela Finck
Senior Community and Social Media Manager Barbara Winterfeldt
Sales Manager Fabian Rather
Senior Financial Controller Isabell Weidemann
Senior Operations Manager Nikolaus Ziegert
Square Enix Ltd.: SEW Creative
Role Staff
Graphic Production Director Stéphanie Journau
Graphic Production Designers Cindy Huber, Aaron Bent
Senior Creative Producer Maggie Koo
Creative Producer Luke Heywood
Visual Design Lead Gary Harrod
Visual Designers Lewis-Jon Somerscales, Lee Gibbons
Square Enix Ltd.: Square Enix Europe Legal
Role Staff
Company Secretary Jonathan Ball
Director of Legal & Business Affairs Melanie Drummond
Senior Legal Counsels Kireth Kalirai, Nick Kempton
Legal Counsel Jamie Thornton
Associate Legal Counsel Waqar Qureshi
Legal Operations Assistant
Square Enix Ltd.: Square Enix Europe Merchandising
Role Staff
EU Merchandising Director Graham Brown
E-Commerce Manager Taishi Narumoto
Manager Organised Player & Community (Table Top Games) Tim Schilder
Manager (Table Top Games) Fabian Weber
Product Manager - Merchandising Tomasz Rozejowski
Merchandising Sales Planner Byron Rigby
Operations Coordinator Shaun Bedassie
Square Enix Ltd.: Square Enix Sales
Role Staff
Senior Digital Operations Manager Toby Coleman
Digital Sales Manager, Digital Sales Jason Brooks
Square Enix Ltd.: Square Enix Digital Channels
Role Staff
Senior Director - Digital Channels Shane Bellamy
Director - Web Development Iestyn Tronson
Senior Manager - Digital Experience Lee Relton
Project Managers Mark Bulley, Phil Sheridan
Lead Web Designer Marcin Pospiech
Web Designer Oliver Spicer
Senior Web Developer Scott Thompson
Web Developers Pedro Martins, Frederico Silveira, Sergei Sapoznikov
Junior Web Developer Brenda Ty
Web QA Testers Ilyas Yaqub, Laura Turpie, Boma West, Manishaben Bapodra, Peter Nguyen, Oliver Howe
Director - Digital Platform Antonio Marfuggi
Senior Software Solutions Manager Roberto Torella
Development Manager
Senior Project Manager Camille El Khoury
Lead Web Developer Francis Dolan
Senior Web Developers Luigi Tanzini, Álvaro Villalba
Web Developers Alessia Amitrano, Shane Exley, Tobias Ighofose, Ekin Sigic, Leonie Lindo, Sina Zand
Web Designers Emiliano Rampazzi, Amin Zaman
Project Managers Enrico Balducci, Malindi Handahu, Priya Rughooputh, Florine Vyncke
CMS Operator Harold Prest
Director - Technical Architecture Francesco Grammatico
Senior Back End Developer Maria Calderon
Back End Developers Ian Luites, Brett Richardson
Data Engineering Manager Jon House
Senior Data Engineer Joe Cullen
Date Engineer Paul Fournier
Square Enix Ltd.: Square Enix Analytics & Insight
Role Staff
Director of Analytics and Insight Tim Ward
Director of Business Intelligence, A&I Mark Hall
Director of Data Science, A&I Tatsuo Yoshida
Senior Manager - Business Intelligence Michele Martani
Technical Solutions Manager Felix Colella
Project Coordination Manager Becca Fifield Green
Senior Data Analyst Jamie Hornsey
Digital Analyst Lucy Sloper
Data Scientist Alfie Grace
Data Analysts Alice Jin, John Calder, Michael Perry, Sergi Artigas
Junior Data Scientists Irina Capsuna, Vinay Longia
Junior Ecommerce Analyst Oscar Burn-Forti
Junior Data Analyst Ben Thompson
Square Enix Ltd.: Square Enix Europe Community and Service
Role Staff
Director - Community and Service Saori Spencer-Hill
European Customer Service Director Damian Bennett
Square Enix Ltd.: Square Enix Europe Support Centre
Role Staff
European Support Centre Senior Manager Camille Ledauphin
European Support Centre Manager Andreas Remy
European Support Centre Coordinators Maximilian Horn, Marion Mangion, John Quantin
European Support Centre Senior Operators Robert Hoerenz, Tara Smyth, Alexander Ustinov

Square Enix Ltd.: Square Enix Europe CS Projects & Operations
Role Staff
Euraen CS Projects & Operations Senior Manager Bastian Spiegel
European CS Projects & Operations Manager James Avins
European CS Projects & Operation Coordinators Edward Avins, Louise Delahaye, Kira Freyer, Mizue Kawai
Pole To Win Europe
Role Staff
Square Enix Support Account Manager Michael Joyce
Square Enix Support Assistant Account Manager Paul Neil
Square Enix Support Team Lead Eric Pupunat
Square Enix Support Senior Representatives Raymond Chan, Lena Madita Syring
Square Enix Support Representatives Begona Falcons Ruiz, Simonas Grigaliunas, Frederic Guidat, Sebastian Kneip, Andrew Morson, Nikolas Paul, Roberta Petretto, Johannes Renger, Christopher Stuart, Co Yi Tsang, Lauren Wilson

PTW International UK Ltd.
Role Staff
QA Managers David McMeekin, Terri Desborough
Project Managers Dmytro Nazarov, Gianpiero Bonaffini, Henar García Pérez, Julia Asmus, Pauline Berron, Sergejs Adamovs, Tania Duvernay
QA Mastering Technician Ian Walters
Project Coordinators Andrea Bagno, Calum Nicolson, Gabriel Tenerini
Localisation QA Testers Abraham Suarez Olay, Adriana Syring, Alexandru Ilie, Amaya Vaca Domínguez, Berenice Marlant, Celia Puigrós, Daniel Mulero, Daniele Bonanno, Eliam Valin, Emily Kokott, Emma Méligne, Ercan Kur, Eric Stolle, Fátima Iglesias Ares, Federico Scaglioni, Felicity Nosworthy, Flavio Chiavari, Holly Rihan, Irene Casini, Jakub Leszczyński, Jesús David Díaz Little, Julien Guyomard, Lara Turna, Lisa Barbknecht, Mariana Toma, Martina Genovese, Miche Munro, Mikael Loeser, Pablo Bueno, Tom Sykora
PTW Shanghai Co., Ltd.: Localization
Role Staff
Localization Project Manager Minjun Wu
Lead Translator Chenyang Zhou
Translators Zhihao Huang, Neng Chen
PTW Shanghai Co., Ltd.: LQA
Role Staff
LQA Project Coordinator Jiaqian Zhang
LQA Language Support Neng Chen
PTW (Singapore) Pte. Ltd., Taiwan Branch: Localization Team
Role Staff
Localization Manager Ya-Yun Tan
Project Manager Hsin-Yi Lin
Translators Chih-Chieh Hsu, Szu-Chen Liu
PTW (Singapore) Pte. Ltd., Taiwan Branch: Localization QA Team
Role Staff
LQA Project Coordinator Ming-Chia Hsieh
LQA Japanese Support Li-Ming Hung
PTW Korea Co., Ltd.: Localization
Role Staff
Localization Team Manager Hwayeon Jeong
Senior Translators Hyemin Cho, Sangtaek Kim
Translator Yeonbin Yang
PTW Korea Co., Ltd.: LQA
Role Staff
Project Coordinator Hansol Lee
Japanese Language Support BoKyung Chung
Tester Younghoo Jo

Square Enix Co., Ltd.: Creative Business Unit II
Role Staff
Division 2 Director Noriyoshi Fujimoto
Artist Nao Amano
Dragon Quest Team Toshinori Mizumachi, Hokuto Okamoto, Takuma Shiraishi, Takumi Hosoyama, Yuta Ashimine, Taku Mizoguchi, Shungo Hirano, Kosuke Okatani, Yusuke Tomida, Yohei Komatsu, Yuta Kanno, Takeshi Ichikawa, Sachiru Shimoda, Ryuichiro Ishikawa, Teppei Yoshimoto, Kazuki Maki, Takumi Kasai, Kazuya Takahara, David Kracker, Ayaka Shirata, Minseop Kim, Hiroki Miyashita
Square Enix Co., Ltd.: PM & Admin Division
Role Staff
Division Director Yoshinori Kamei
Staff Nariko Takabatake, Ryoko Onishi, Kazuya Kozono, Hitomi Ando, Chisato Iwanaga, Kazuki Ikeda, Ami Yajima, Hiroshi Satō, Akane Fukigami, Saaya Yuzaki
Square Enix Co., Ltd.: Division III
Role Staff
Technical Director Daisuke Agata
Technical Advisor Mitsuru Kamiyama
Square Enix Co., Ltd.: Marketing & PR
Role Staff
Director Fumikazu Iwaki
Square Enix Co., Ltd.: Marketing & PR - Marketing Team
Role Staff
Manager Yohei Murakami
Lead Planner Yuuki Ohkubo
Planners Noriko Ozaki, Yurika Saito
Marketing Staff Minako Gotoh, Chieko Tsurunaga, Hiroshi Iwai, Shota Fujiwara, Naoto Terasaki, Misora Ai, Shota Matsuhashi, Kotaro Sangawa, Yuki Kedoguchi, Gyotaro Sato, Taiki Yamada, Tatsuhiro Komaki, Masanori Yamaoka
Square Enix Co., Ltd.: Marketing & PR - Global Marketing Team
Role Staff
Global Planner Jacqueline Pitts
Global Marketing Staff Alex Reyes, Momoki Tsuji
Square Enix Co., Ltd.: Marketing & PR - PR Team
Role Staff
Manager Katsuya Aiso
PR Leads Yoko Tonegawa, Yoshiyuki Yaehata
PR Staff Makoto Yakushijin, Kanako Yokoyama, Yoko Horie, Yui Kawabe
Square Enix Co., Ltd.: Localisation Division
Role Staff
Localisation Producer Marie Morita
Assistant Project Manager Hatsumi Suzuki
Localisation Supervisor Atsuko Hirose
Lead English Translator Dan Gidion
Localisation Engineers Kazuki Kobayashi, Mahiro Komura, Sho Tomita, Takayoshi Ito, Yuya Sawada
Localisation Technical Director Kenkyu Hata
Managers Aziz Hinoshita, Émilie Thoré (as Emilie Thoré), Ikuko Tsuruta, Gary F. Manucal
General Manager Shingo Hosokawa
Square Enix Co., Ltd.: Sound Division
Role Staff
Sound Director Hidenori Miyanaga
Music Editor Ayumu Murai
Dialogue Editors Jota Goto, Hiroyuki Kibe, Shuuhei Okada
Sound Advisor Yuusuke Saitou
Project Managers Nozomi Toki, Miwako Kodama
Project Assistant Meguru Takaishi
Special Thanks Donghoon Yi
Square Enix Co., Ltd.: Digital Business Unit
Role Staff
Executive Officer & Vice President Tomoyoshi Oosaki
Deputy Vice President Makoto Tsuda
Square Enix Co., Ltd.: Sales Division
Role Staff
Director Daisuke Kobayashi
Staff Daio Ito, Mizuki Sakuma, Maiko Shimizu, Ren Aimoto, Fuminori Hyodo, Yi-Chia Hsieh (as Yi Chia Hsieh), Toshiyuki Inoue, Kotone Iwamatsu, Takashi Kamimura, Kenta Kobayashi, Aki Kohno, Shun Koike, Min Seon Lee, Masahiro Matsumoto, Saki Nishikawa, Kazuhito Nishimura, Nanami Nishimura, Toshihide Nomura, Lin Shinomiya, Hiromi Sogamoto, Jain Son, Waka Tachibana, Gota Taguchi, Shota Tamakoshi, Masaki Yano, Rumi Yoshikawa, Mariko Imai, Kaya Kamei, Tomohiro Masuda, Kouyou Matsuoka, Junpei Tomie, Kaoru Yamagami, Miki Fukuoka, Akiyo Hirota, Ryunosuke Iizuka, Noriko Ikeda, Iitsu Mou, Conor Sheehy, Yeseul Shin, Liu Ying Ying
Square Enix Co., Ltd.: Merchandising Division
Role Staff
Director Hirokuni Matsuyama
Manager Hirokazu Watanabe
Staff Eri Moriya
Square Enix Co., Ltd.: e-STORE Division
Role Staff
Staff Tomoko Kasahara, Risa Someya, Kiyoko Ichikawa
Square Enix Co., Ltd.: Information Technology Division
Role Staff
Executive Officer Hideaki Sato
Senior Manager Masashi Hamahira
Manager Kunihiko Oka
Engineers Ryohei Koike, Yoshimasa Otsuka, Genki Sekine, Hajime Ito, Yuichiro Shimizu
Coordinator Tokuko Ishikawa
Square Enix Co., Ltd.: Infrastructure Library
Role Staff
Managers Kenji Ishiwata, Nobuaki Oosawa
Engineers Morio Nakaya, Syunsuke Tomooka, Yutaka Enosawa
Square Enix Co., Ltd.: Community & Service Division
Role Staff
General Manager Toshio Murouchi
Customer Support Manager Tatsuhiko Nozaki
Operation Support Lead Naoto Tada
Operation Support Kenta Takeuchi
Information Center Lead Ryuji Kudo
Information Center Staff Mizue Watanabe, Ryota Irei, Hiroyuki Toguchi
Network Operation Center Manager Isao Kajiwara
Network Operation Center Staff Mie Oosaki, ...and All Support Staff
Square Enix Co., Ltd.: Marketing Division
Role Staff
Manager Ryuichi Yagisawa
Staff Kentaro Hamaoka, Kanae Tani, Ryuji Kiyoshima
Square Enix Co., Ltd.: Finance & Accounting Division
Role Staff
General Manager Atsushi Matsuda
Managers Takayuki Narita, Nana Kakimi
Staff Atsuya Kobayashi, Naoki Fukuzawa, Kenji Uchino, Masayoshi Watanabe, Haruna Inoue, Shinichi Tamura, Teppei Katsukawa, Ryo Soma, Ayako Katsumi, Tatehiro Iwamoto, Togo Kashi
Square Enix Co., Ltd.: Finance & Accounting Division, Sales Administration
Role Staff
Manager Shinobu Hidaki
Staff Hisano Arai, Toyoaki Miyazaki, Kaori Nakanishi, Makiko Kawai, Mina Inoue, Keiko Kimura, Natsuki Chida, Ukyo Takahashi, Ayami Takada
Square Enix Co., Ltd.: Business Management Division
Role Staff
General Manager Akihiko Kasuga
Manager Yuu Tsuchida
Staff Kahori Ito, Yousaku Ukyo, Shun Tahara
Square Enix Co., Ltd.: Legal & Intellectual Property Division
Role Staff
Legal & Intellectual Property Division Misa Komura
Square Enix Co., Ltd.: Book Editing Division, Publication Business Unit
Role Staff
Director Kazuhiro Oya
Staff Masaki Habu, Hiroyuki Ishii, Yuko Abe
Square Enix Co., Ltd.: General Affairs Division
Role Staff
General Manager Masato Kureha
Senior Manager Kazuki Tonozuka
Manager Ryoichi Murakawa
Staff Emiko Aoike, Katsuji Kotani, Osamu Inoue, Motohiro Murakami, Kozue Kaneko, Tomoaki Saito, Kei Takahashi, Makiko Nasu, Eiko Saika, Takuya Iwakiri, Tomoyuki Hiraoka, Yume Terasawa, Kohei Yamazaki, Arisa Ohga, Takeshi Nagahama, Megumi Takamori, Ayano Kaneko
Square Enix Co., Ltd.: Business Relations & Development Support Division
Role Staff
General Manager Noriko Watanabe
Manager Kazuya Okamoto
Senior Production Coordinator Shuhei Yamamoto
Production Coordinator Yuichiro Kato
Business Development Yuya Goda
Support Engineer Yusuke Ishida
Square Enix Co., Ltd.: Quality Assurance
Role Staff
Coordinators Hiroyuki Omura, Shinya Okamoto, Hiroki Mori, Suguru Ishikawa, Megumi Toyoda, Takumi Kagawa, Kazuki Yamanaka, Hisashi Kido, Shigemoto Fujii, Ryo Nagasawa, Shinsaku Fukuma, Junpei Takahashi, Shintaro Horomura, Hirotsugu Yamamoto, Haruki Kurano, Ayatoshi Sasaki, Yoshito Enoki, Konomi Yamashita, Takuto Mori, Shinpei Sano, Shinnosuke Tachibana, Akira Morishita
Technical Engineers Toyokazu Takehara, Keigo Kouno, Kazuya Okada, Keishi Takeda, Hiroyuki Ogura, Takahiro Shimizu, Akira Shota, Ryoma Tagami, Takuma Sakurada, Yusuke Kozai
Guidelines Coordinators Noboru Taniguchi, Tetsuya Takahashi, Jun Sato, Kouhei Sawamoto, Tatsuya Nonaka, Yoshihiro Tsunoda
Game Testers Hikari Shimoda, Masakazu Oda, Misaki Kato, Miki Uehara, Hidekazu Kuno, Genjiro Suzuki, Yumi Ashigaya, Koichi Nakamura, Kazuki Nomura, Tsutomu Hirata, Yuuki Takahashi, Masao Yoshii, Takashi Matsuyama, Kazuyoshi Hatae, Yu Tomitaka, Daisuke Inoue, Satoshi Yagi, Sohei Yoshinaga, Yukinobu Kurisaki, Yasutaka Seki, Mao Kinukawa, Miyu Kudo, Rin Kihara, Shuntarou Ueno, Yosuke Kubo, Shota Manabe, Seiya Moriguchi, Issei Narita, Taichi Sato, Hinata Maeda, Kohei Takahashi, Taiga Takeyama, Tsukasa Kawamura, Miki Hashimoto, Kasumi Kariya, Wataru Matsuda, Tatsunori Shu, Aki Mizushima, Sota Sakai, Kazuki Mukai, Chiharu Osaki, Noriaki Yahata, Ryu Suzuki, Yui Katsuragi, Yui Abe, Tomomi Onishi, Toshiya Naito, Yuka Sato, Shintaro Sasabe, Rin Kihara, Niya Nishihara, Genta Katakubi, Kesuke Uesugi, Kota Shinmen, Seina Suzuki, Satsuki Nishikawa, Shun Saito, Yosuke Koizumi, Sosuke Shimura, Yoshiki Okabe, Rin Toma, Humiya Ito, Hiroshi Watanabe, Koya Yamaguchi, Araki Matsumoto, Kaede Kimura, Sota Hayashi, Kazumasa Shimizu, Sou Yamazaki, Yuki Ikeda, Haruka Ishii, Keiko Takamatsu, Daiki Tanaka, Masahiro Chiba, Hiromu Maeda
Chief Coordinators Kiminori Ohya, Maki Nakajima
Ratings Advisors Asumi Sakamoto, Reiko Kondo
Managers Kazunori Ohwada, Atsushi Takeuchi
General Manager Yukihiro Shibuya
Special Thanks SUGIYAMA KOBO, Weekly Shonen JUMP, Monthly V JUMP, DENTSU INC., ADK Marketing Solutions Inc., bold Co. Ltd., PixelEdge Inc., Creative Laboratory Inc, MASAMUNE Inc., Yumiko Kawasaki, Kozo Kimura, Suramichi Wada, Yosuke Matsuda, Ryota Aomi, Takeshi Uchikawa, Ayako Kawamura, Ryoichi Kuramochi, Pierre Pasquier, David Fehrmann, David Roig Cavanillas, Fontworks Inc., YOONDESIGN GROUP INC., Arphic Technology Co. Ltd.
Square Enix Co., Ltd. cont.
Role Staff
President and Representative Director Takashi Kiryu
Series Producer Taichi Inuzuka
Executive Producer (Dragon Quest Series) Yū Miyake
Product Manager Akihiko Nagayama
Assistant Producer Yuichi Ishikawa
Producer Kento Yokota



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