Sparkling monsters

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Sparkling monsters are monsters that glimmer faintly on the status screen and enjoy slightly higher power compared to their plainer peers.


Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince[edit]

A sparkling monster is identical to a normal counter party except for an icon in the lower left-hand corner of it's profile picture, and that the upper limit of one of it's stats being raised by 100 points. Which stat receives this boost is random and cannot be influenced by the player in any way, but will stack with the effects of traits such as Wisdom Booster et al.

Sparkling monsters are randomly created via the normal synthesis method and appear at a fixed 5% chance. It is possible for the player to reroll a synthesis in order to guaruntee a sparkling monster by turning off the autosave feature, Zooming to the altar of amalgamation, and manually saving prior to performing the fusion. If the resulting monster isn't sparkling, the save file can be loaded again and the process repeated.