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This article is about the character. For the boss, see Terry (boss).
Dragon Quest series character
Dragon Quest VI
Dragon Warrior Monsters
Sprite Dq6 terry-sprite.gif
Japanese Name テリー
Rōmaji Terī
Class Gladiator
Race Human
Age 17(DQ6), 5(DQM)
Warning: Spoilers
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Milly (sister)
Voice Actor Hikaru Midorikawa (CD Theater)
Hiroshi Kamiya (Heroes)
Kyle Soller (Heroes, English)

"Whatever you do in life, make sure you're winning."

Terry (テリー Terii) the blue swordsman is a brash, arrogant character in Dragon Quest VI who joins the hero's party later in the game. Prior to joining he is encountered several times throughout the story, beating the party to the in various goals and reaping the rewards for himself. As a child, Terry was the main character of Dragon Quest Monsters.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Terry wears a blue cap to cover his white hair, a blue tunic with matching gloves over a black undershirt, and white pants capped with black boots. The tunic is partially covered with a section of Leather armour, and he carries a satchel at his side.

Terry is the archetypal "lone wolf" in that he prefers to work alone and hates to depend on others. While he is not strictly anti-social, Terry is very condescending towards others and speaks in a terse manner. This bellicose attitude stems from his profound (and well hidden) loneliness, as shown in his Lucky Dip antics. That being said, he is still a good person at heart and is strongly implied to have saved several people from the jaws of monsters during his travels, most notably Donna the bar maid from Port Prospect.


Warning: Spoilers
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Dragon Quest Monsters[edit]

When Terry was very young. he witnessed his older sister Milly be abducted by a creature called Warubou to the distant kingdom of GreatLog. A few moments later, a similar creature known as Watabou appeared and took Terry to the kingdom of GreatTree. Terry only wanted to find his sister, but the king of GreatTree, convinced him to become a monster tamer and win the Starry Night Tournament. The king stated that if Terry were to win the tournament, he would be granted any wish he desired. Terry set off to recruit monsters and win the Tournament. After Terry's monsters become powerful enough, he enters the tournament, fighting against the monsters of the champion from GreatLog, who happens to be his sister Milly. After winning the tournament, Terry and his sister are reunited.

Dragon Quest VI[edit]

Terry is a talented swordsman, traveling the world to find more powerful weapons and to prove his strength. He is first met by the hero, in the town of Arkbolt, setting out to defeat the hacksaurus terrorizing the cave north of town. Terry is able to reach the monster first and defeat it in battle. Later, he is met in the Everfrost Grotto where the Sword of Ramias is found. Terry decides to leave the sword for the hero though, since it is all rusty. Finally Terry must be defeated in battle before the Cloudsgate Citadel can reappear in the Phantom World. Once Dhuran, the boss imprisoning Cloudsgate Citadel is defeated, Terry will join the hero's party.

Terry initially goes on his quest to become more powerful, because he was unable to protect his older sister Milly while growing up in Felonia. She was taken away by the king's men to be added to his "collection" when they were younger, and Terry was left critically injured after stabbing the chief assailant during the abduction. Clinging to life, Terry escaped Felonia and swore to become the world's most powerful swordsman to save his sister. As the years grew longer and the battles more intense, Terry lost sight of his original goal, and doesn't even recognize Milly when he first sees her. Once Terry is defeated, he and Milly are reunited and reconcile.

Terry astonishes the party

Base Stats[edit]

Attribute Starting Stats Maximum Stats
Level 28 99
HP 226 750
MP 86 600
Strength 88 330
Agility 115 250
Resilience 59 190
Wisdom 83 300
Style 40 120
Initial gear Sunderbolt blade, Dragon shield, Dragon mail, Platinum headgear
  • In the original Super Famicom version of VI, Terry had a base 116 chance to dodge physical strikes before his agility was factored in. This would stack with whatever evasive equipment or vocation benefits he possessed.

Vocation and Skills[edit]

In the SFC version, Terry joins at level 23 as a Gladiator with only the abilities of a Warrior, and not a single rank of Martial artist. In the DS remake, he joins at level 28 as a Gladiator with both Warrior and Martial Artist mastered. He learns no other abilities on his own, however.

In the Mobile Device port, Terry joins at level 33 having mastered the Priest and Mage vocation in addition to those listed above. His Strength at level 33 has been increased by 5 points, giving him a new cap of 335.


  • Terry's design is based on the concept art for the Hero. His smug attitude is reflective of this.
  • Terry is the only character to speak with an American accent in DQ Heroes.