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Dragon Quest series character
Dragon Quest VI
DQVI Amos.png
Sprite Dq6 amos-sprite.gif
Japanese Name アモス
Title Village Hero
Race Human
Age Early 30's

Amos is an optional party member in Dragon Quest VI. After being bit on the backside while saving some townsfolk from monsters, he has developed a terrible case of nightly transfiguration and becomes an unwitting menace to the very town he protects.


When the party arrives in Scrimsley, the townspeople make it clear that the party should leave the town. After talking to some of the yokels, the party learns about Amos, who is the town's local hero. If the party stays at the inn, they will wake at night finding a monster attacking the town. When defeated, the monster is revealed to be Amos. In the morning, the party can go to Amos and if the party tells Amos that he is a monster, he will leave so that he will no longer harm his friends in the town. However, if the party does not tell Amos of his condition and instead acquires the seeds of reason from the nearby mountain peak and give them to Amos, then he will join the party.

Base Stats[edit]

Attribute Starting Stats Maximum Stats
Level 15 99
HP 150 800
MP 37 500
Strength 70 380
Agility 66 190
Resilience 68 250
Wisdom 60 260
Style 24 80
Initial gear Cautery sword, Full plate armour, Iron shield, Iron mask


Aside from class abilities, Amos learns a few skills on his own:

Name MP Level Target Description
Heal 2 - One ally Restores at least 30 HP to a single ally.
Megamorphosis 0 - Self Transform into a monstrous monstrosity.


  • Weapons
  • Helmets
  • Armor
  • Shields
  • Accessories
Dragon Quest VI (All) 
Weapon Modifier(s)
Oaken Club Attack +9
Giant Mallet Attack +10
Copper Sword Attack +12
Boomerang Attack +15
Stone Axe Attack +19
Iron Claw Attack +21
Edged Boomerang Attack +25
Chain Sickle Attack +27
Sledgehammer Attack +30
Steel Broadsword Attack +33
Staff of Antimagic Attack +40
Cautery Sword Attack+42
Battleaxe Attack+49
Fire Claw Attack+53
Gracos's Trident Attack+58
Platinum Sword Attack+60
War Hammer Attack +64
Flametang Boomerang Attack +65
Dream Blade Attack +65
Falcon Blade Attack +67
Zombiesbane Attack +80
Fire Blade Attack +87
Massacre Sword Attack +95
Dragonsbane Attack +95
Sunderbolt Blade Attack +95
Miracle Sword Attack +100
Blizzard Blade Attack +105
Hela's Hammer Attack +115
Flail of Destruction Attack +125
Metal King Sword Attack +130
Dragon Quest VI (All) 
Helmet Modifier(s)
Leather Hat Defense +2
Hardwood Headwear Defense +6
Iron Helmet Defense +16
Iron Mask Defense +25
Platinum Headgear Defense +38
Thinking Cap Defense +40
Great Helm Defense +50
Helm of Max Wynne Defense +55
Metal King Helm Defense +70
Dragon Quest VI (All) 
Armor Modifier(s)
Rags Defense+3
Plain Clothes Defense+4
Wayfarer's Clothes Defense+7
Silk Tuxedo Defense+10
Leather Armour Defense+11
Leather Kilt Defense+12
Boxer Shorts Defense+13
Scale Armour Defense+15
Fur Cape Defense+18
Chain Mail Defense+19
Bronze Armour Defense+21
Iron Cuirass Defense+23
Iron Armour Defense+25
Full Plate Armour Defense+30
Tortoise Shell Defense+33
Silver Cuirass Defense+36
Silver Mail Defense+43
Heavy Armour Defense+50
Magic Armour Defense+50
Enchanted Armour Defense+55
Spiked Armour Defense+55
Dragon Mail Defense+60
Platinum Mail Defense+66
Flame Armour Defense+70
Sacred Armour Defense+75
Hela's Armour Defense+85
Armour of Max Wynne Defense+90
Gigant Armour Defense+92
Mirror Armour Defense+95
Metal King Armour Defense+115
Dragon Quest VI (All) 
Shields Modifier(s)
Leather Shield Defense+4
Scale Shield Defense+7
Bronze Shield Defense+11
Iron Shield Defense+16
Magic Shield Defense+20
Platinum Shield Defense+25
Dragon Shield Defense+30
Tempest Shield Defense+35
Flame Shield Defense+40
Power Shield Defense+45
Ogre Shield Defense+48
Shield of Max Wynne Defense+60
Ruinous Shield Defense+62
Metal King Shield Defense+70
Dragon Quest VI (All) 
Accessories Modifier(s)
Raging Ruby Strength+20
Bow Tie Defense+2
Kerplunk Bracer Defense+10
Meteorite Bracer Agilityx2
Kamikaze Bracer Style+10

Remake changes[edit]

  • In the Super Famicom release of VI, Amos had a 25% resistance to woosh and wind skills.


Amos is a hebrew name that means Carried, in the sense of being carried by God through hardship and turmoil.