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Dragon Quest series character
Dragon Quest VI
Sprite Dq6 chamoro-sprite.gif
Japanese Name チャモロ
Rōmaji Chamoro
Title Ghentile Prodigy
Class Priest
Race Human
Age 15
Voice Actor Fujiko Takimoto (CD Theater)
Minami Takayama (Rivals)

Nevan (Chamoro in the original Japanese version) is a playable character in Dragon Quest VI. He is a priest from the village of Ghent who needed divine intervention from the Goddess herself before he would ally with the heroes against Murdaw.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Nevan wears a saffron robe with a magenta sash, a teal traveling bag, and sports humorously thick-rimmed glasses. He is the prodigy of Ghent, and considers himself to be more learned than whole of the settlement. This ego issue is his greatest vice, but at his heart he is a good lad whose piety cannot be questioned.

Unsurprisingly for someone raised in such a controlled environment as a religious settlement, Nevan is ignorant to the world around him; party chat shows him either being astonished, repulsed, or perplexed by even common daily events in village life. His journey with the heroes does wonders to broaden his horizon's though, and in particular he becomes fond of Carver.

Base Stats[edit]

Attribute Starting Stats Maximum Stats
Level 10 99
HP 80 750
MP 55 850
Strength 20 310
Agility 47 350
Resilience 35 240
Wisdom 45 450
Style 10 60
Initial gear Staff of Ghent, Wayfarer's clothes, Leather hat


Aside from class abilities, Nevan learns a few skills on his own:

Name MP Level Target Description
Heal 2 10 One ally Restores at least 30 HP to a single ally.
Squelch 2 10 One ally Cures a single ally of the effects of poison.
Midheal 5 10 One ally Restores at least 75 HP to a single ally.
Woosh 2 10 Enemy group Slices through a group of enemies with a small whirlwind.
Poof 1 10 Enemy group Makes undead souls vanish in a flash of light.
Fizzle 3 11 Enemy group Prevents enemy from using magic.
Zing 10 13 One ally Occasionally resurrects a fallen ally with half HP restored.
Swoosh 4 15 Enemy group Slices through a group of enemies with a powerful whirlwind.
Tingle 2 17 Party Cures all party members of the effects of sleep and paralysis.
Fullheal 7 19 One ally Restores all HP to a single ally.
Whack 4 21 One enemy A cursed incantation that sends an enemy to the hereafter.