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Dragon Quest series character
Dragon Quest VI
Artwork of the Hero for the DS remake, Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation.
Sprite Dq6 hero-sprite.gif
Title Village Lad
Class Hero
Race Human
Age 17
Voice Actor Tomokazu Seki (CD Theater)

The Hero of Dragon Quest VI begins his journey awakening from a strange dream in the village of Weaver's Peak. He lives there with his sister Tania.

The hero has many official names in Japanese. The default name for him in the games is Rek (レック). In the CD theater drama, his name is Will (ウィル). In the manga, his name is Botts (ボッツ). In the novelization, his name is Iza (イザ).


Warning: Spoilers
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When the mayor asks him to go to the next town to sell goods in order to buy a crown for the village's upcoming ceremony the Hero gladly accepts and begins the first step of his journey. When he returns to the village the celebration begins. When Tania who is praying to the goddess becomes possessed the Hero is told by the spirit that he must venture out and defeat the demon king Murdaw and discover his true identity. Later on in the game it is discovered that the Hero is actually the prince of Somnia of the Real World.

Base Stats[edit]

Attribute Starting Stats Maximum Stats
Level 1 99
HP 28 800
MP 0 700
Strength 11 350
Agility 6 200
Resilience 3 210
Wisdom 5 330
Style 5 100
Initial gear Cypress stick, Plain clothes
  • In the SFC release of VI, the Hero had an innate 30% resistance to zap-type damage, and a full immunity to all party-removal abilities.

Class and Skills[edit]

The Hero only requires one mastered class to use the Hero class. He also learns several unique skills regardless of class.

Name MP Level Target Description
Remember* 0 1 Self Remember one line of dialogue
Heal 2 4 One ally Restores at least 30 HP to a single ally.
Peep 1 6 One item Reveals the nature of the treasure in a chest. Also enables item appraisal.
Sap 3 7 One enemy Reduces the defence of a single enemy.
Zoom 1 8 Self Teleports to a previously visited town
Remember More* 0 10 Self Remember three lines of dialogue
Forget* 0 13 Self Discard memorized dialogue
Remember All* 0 18 Self Remember an entire paragraph
Zap 6 * All enemies Calls down lightning on all enemies.


  • The memory spells are related to conversations you can record with the x button. They are not present in the DS version.
  • Zap is learned through an event in the game.


  • The hero underwent a drastic redesign in the early planning stages of VI, shifting from a moody looking warrior with red hair to the positive, blue-haired lad players are familiar with. This discarded design would be tweaked and become the basis for Terry.
  • His spiky blue hair is reminiscent of Nera's son (see Trading Card image in gallery).