Peggy Sue

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Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation
DQVI Pegasus.png
Japanese name 天馬
Romaji Tenma

Peggy is a recurring character in the Dragon Quest series, appearing in VI and X. Unlike other characters that appear in multiple games with different settings, each Peggy Sue is a different individual.


Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation[edit]

Peggy Sue is found early in the game in the Upper World, running wild in a forest near Somnia. She is tamed by the Hero and Carver so that the wagon can be used.

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Much later in the game, a statue of Pegasus is found at the top of the Pillar of Pegasus, guarded by vicious monsters to prevent anyone from gaining access to Mortamor's Dread Realm.

Peggy Sue is in truth Pegasus the divine soul, whose spirit split off from her body by Mortamor's agents.

Pegasus is controlled by the Celestial Reins which are automatically given to the player after freeing her from the statue. Using the reigns tells Pegasus to take flight, and she has similar capabilities to flying transports in other titles. In the Super Famicom original, the famous Mode 7 display setting is used when Pegasus flies.

Dragon Quest X[edit]

Pegasus is the true identity of the Galapogod, who battled the forces of evil one thousand years ago and took the form of a reptile to remain undetected by mortals and monsters. It later became the guardian deity of Tenton under this guise, and preserved the Hero's soul after the sacking of the island village. Ensuring that the protagonist could incarnate in a new body to fight against the forces of evil, Pegasus shed his scales and took to the skies again.

The Pegasus of the tenth game is a stallion, appearing in the form of a human man during certain storyline segments and associating with the princess-hero Anlucia. If the Hero opts to restore Tenton, Pegasus will return to the form of the Galapogod as seen in the prolong and tutorial segments. As the human Pegasus is still present in another continent as a storyline participant and quest giver, this technically means that the being is in two places at once--owing more to the MMO nature of the title more than any divine power.