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Dragon Quest X
DQX Lady Abba artwork.png
Japanese name アバ様
Romaji Aba-sama
Title Elder of Tenton
Race Human
Age 66 years
Family Lady Elba (grandmother)

Singh (grandson)

Lady Tenda (アバ様 Aba-sama) is a character from the tenth installment Dragon Quest video game: Dragon Quest X. She is an important person in Tenton and cares about the Hero/Heroine and his/her sibling. She is the grandmother of Singh.


The player sees Tenda at two different occasions of her life:

  • As a child she is a skinny little girl wears a red overalls with long sleeves and an U-shaped cleavage, although this cleavage is covered with a red cloak that has yellow triangulated details on its edges. She also wears a pair of leather boots. She also wears pigtails in her white hair to resemble her grandmother, lady Elba.
  • As an old woman she seems to have gained weight since she was a child and she hasn't changed her outfit. However she has inherited the staff of her grandmother and the cleavage of her overalls is more visible.


As a child Tenda was a girl with a cheerful and childish personality, and is also really expressive like the moment she wanted to talk to the Hero's sibling, she behave like a walking corpse to gain their attention. Tenda beloved by the town's villager because of her innocent and pure actions. As an old woman she isn't as cheerful as she were as a child, especially in front of Singh with whom she is very strict, however she has displayed that she cares about every villager of Tenton and that she loves so much Singh, the hero and their sibling. She is showed to be a bit cruel with Singh but she indicates that it's for for the sake of her grandson.

In Dragon Quest X[edit]

Offline tutorial and Prologue[edit]

Lady Tenda first appears in the dreams of the hero riding the Galapogod with the hero's sibling, when the sibling offers the hero to ride with them lady Tenda refuses and talks to the hero seriously about something.

Later, at the church she receives the hero along with Singh because they'll offer her a pillow that Singh made just for her and he tells her about the destruction of the stockpiles of perky beans, she gets angered by this and calls useless to Singh, however it is shown that she will use the pillow to have a nap. Before having a nap she orders the hero to find his sibling because she wants to tell them something, but they need to be together; when the hero and Singh exit her room she starts her nap.

Later the same day, Singh and the sibling enters her room again and they find her revitalized and making pirouettes in the air. Then she summons all the villagers in front of the church and tells them that she has predicted that the town will be destroyed soon and no villager will survive this attack, however she says that they can change the destiny if a villager manages to bring to Tenton some flowers of Tensu. She explains that 3 people will be needed and that she has already chosen 2 of them: the hero and his sibling; however they still need one volunteer. When the villagers are discussing about this one of them screams when he sees that one ornery onion has successfully sneaked into the town, Singh reacts and takes care of it using a fire spell, Tenda surprised selects Singh as the third participant of the mission and goes back into the church growling. It is implied, that she is waiting for the group to come back with the flower in its possesion.

However when the groups return to Tenton after fulfilling their mission they encounter that the town is being attacked by an horde of demons and that nearly all the villagers have died. Singh runs for the church to see if lady Tenda is okay but seconds later the church is destroyed. Whether it was her demise, it is confirmed that Tenda was already dead when the Online Tutorial ended.

Extended campaign[edit]

She is seen in the Tenton of the past as a child when her grandmother, the Elder Elba, introduced her to the town villagers and she announce that their village will cultivate Perky beans from that moment because a foreigner, the Hero's sibling who came from the future, brought one bean to the village and gave it to the church as an offering. After the conclusion of the villager reunion she tried to gain the sibling's attention acting like a zombie and starting asking who they were and thanking them about the bean. Then she reacted when the sibling's prayer created a flash of light that reached the sky.


  • Tenda's Japanese name is an anagram for Babba, the word for old woman.