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Tenton is the starting location in Dragon Quest X, and the home to the game's Hero. The village is destroyed by monsters in the opening cinematic, with the Hero dying in the attack and beginning the journey of reincarnation.


Dragon Quest X[edit]

Tenton is the home of the Hero, their siblings, Tenda, and the Galapogod. It is an island community with an architecture centered around wooden houses with straw roofs, and a river lays to the east boarder. A wooden monument sits in the center of the village, with the base being made of logs covered with tapestries and the top section being bush with a carving shaped like a winged horse set in the center.

The Hero can return to Tenton later during their adventure, but it is a smoldering wreck filled with monsters. Beginning with version 3.5 of the game, surviving villagers have set out to rebuild the town.

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age[edit]

Tenton is the second location in the altar of the undeciphered in the Echo Chamber. The Luminary is sent to a time before the village's destruction, and is informed that the Galapogod has been kidnapped by monsters and taken to Baramos' Lair. Fortunately, Tenda had a vision of the Luminary's coming and informed the villagers to give him the Zoomingstone--a rock charged with the Zoom spell that will teleport the great Shelled One once he is found.