Queen Marina

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"This wise and magnanimous mermaid queen rules over all the underwater realm of Nautica. Her white fin marks her out as a member of the undersea aristocracy."

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Dragon Quest XI
Queen Marina artwork.png
Japanese name セレン
Romaji Seren
Title Queen Beneath the Sea
Her Majesty
Race Mermaid
Voice actor Lydia Leonard (English)
Atsuko Tanaka (Japanese, XI S)

Marina (セレン, Seren) is a character in Dragon Quest XI. She is the Queen of the undersea mermaid kingdom of Nautica and a powerful ally to the Luminary.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Queen Marina is a mermaid, with the upper body of a beautiful human woman and the lower body of a white fish. She has regal and refined features with purple eyes and long blonde hair, on which she wears a tiara decorated with pearls, along with gold hoop earrings with dangling green gemstones. She wears a choker around her neck and bracelets, all of which are made out of golden scales. Her top consists of white and salmon-colored cloth wrapped around her chest and held together with a red gemstone brooch and golden beads, along with a long white cape which reaches down to her tail. The ends of the cloth flow behind her like ribbons. On her lower body, she wears a golden chain made up of various loops and beads over a long skirt made of the same salmon cloth as her top. The Queen's scepter is a gnarled staff made out of blue coral with a purple handle, topped with a large white pearl.

She is intrigued by the tenacity and spirit of humankind and laments the fact that humans and mermaids cannot remain in love, due to their differences and the long lifespan of mermaids compared to that of humans. For many years, the Queen has sought a way to break this curse, but to no avail. She has great faith in the World Tree, believing that it was Yggdrasil's will that brought Michelle and Kai together, as well as leading the Luminary to meeting her. Like every other mermaid in Erdrea, Queen Marina speaks in rhymes.


Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age[edit]

The Luminary and his companions first encounter Queen Marina after the events with Michelle the mermaid. Due to her gift of second sight, she has knowledge of many things which occur on the surface world of Erdrea, including the fact that the Luminary is the lost prince of Dundrasil, something which surprises Erik. As thanks for his kindness towards Michelle, the Queen gives the Luminary the Green Orb. Marina is also able to guide the player with hints as to their next destination thanks to her Pearl of Wisdom, serving the same role as the various fortunetellers of past titles.

After the destruction of Yggdrasil at the hands of Mordegon, Queen Marina is the one who saves the Luminary, who fell into the sea after sustaining serious injuries. She transforms him into a fish in order to hide him away from the Lord of Shadows and his minions. She has been struggling immensely as she tries to protect her kingdom from the onslaught of Alizarin, one of Mordegon's Spectral Sentinels who has domain over the waters of Erdrea.

When the Luminary resets time after the death of Mordegon at his Fortress of Fear, Nautica is spared destruction. Not all is well under the sea, however, as the monster known as Bathysfear has stolen the Pearl of Wisdom to assert his dominion over the ocean. Once the monster has been dealt with and the pearl returned to its rightful owner, Marina will allow the player to transform into a fish and explore her realm whenever the player visits.