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Heliodor is the central kingdom of Erdrea, ruled by King Carnelian.


Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age[edit]

Heliodor is a kingdom within Dragon quest 11 (it is featured in all versions). The residents of the kingdom speak with british accents. The Luminary first makes his way to this kingdom after he leaves his home town of Cobblestone. Once The Luminary reaches the entrance to Heliodor castle within the town he is prevented of entry by 2 guards then, the Luminary shows him the mark on his back hand. After seeing this, one of the guards leaves presumably to tell the king. Upon return of the guard the Luminary is let in. After making his way through the castle he reaches the throne room in which King Carnelian is there to greet him with some of his guards after some talk, the Luminary is sent to be held in cell. This is were he meets Erik. The two then make their escape through the sewers.

Warning: Spoilers!
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In the post-game after King Carnelian and Hendrik show up after you defeat Jasper, King Carnelian invites you to Heliodor castle to celebrate you uncovering that Jasper was a traitor. During the night King Carnelian seeks into the Luminary's room in a attempt to steal the sword of light, he fails due to some strange force. the Luminary wakes up to see King Carnelian in which King Carnelian runs away. Adter finding him in the Throne Room in which it is revealed King Carnelian was under the control of Mordegon. Hendrik joins in the battle with Mordegon. Once Mordegon is defeated King Carnelian wakes up. After King Carnelian thanks the Luminary for defeating Mordegon, Hendrik joins the party and they leave Heliodor.