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Dragon Quest series character
Dragon Quest XI
DQXI Urnoga.jpg
Japanese Name ウルノーガ
Rōmaji Urunōga
Title Lord of Shadows
Race Demon
Voice Actor James Goode (English)

Mordegon (ウルノーガ, Urnoga?) is the central antagonist of Dragon Quest XI. A powerful demon sorcerer styling himself the Lord of Shadows, he orchestrated the destruction of the kingdoms of Dundrasil and Zwaardsrust with his army of monsters 16 years ago before the story begins.


In his first form, Mordegon is a tall humanoid demon with chalk-white skin, pointed ears, two long black horns coming out of either side of his head, and a shorter one from his chin surrounded by a black marking, giving him the appearance of having a goatee. His head is almost completely shaven, save for a red spiked mohawk, and he has green eyes with yellow sclera and purple lips. He also possesses long black fingernails and he wears gold hoop earrings with dangling magenta orbs on his ears.

Mordegon wears a long purple robe with crimson edges on the ends of his sleeves and the bottom of the robe, a long magenta cloak around his neck, a purple collar with alternating black triangles in the center and lined with gold and yellow fabric, as well as a long black cloth with crimson edges hanging from the collar in front of Mordegon's robes. The edges of this cloth and the robe, as well as the sleeves, are decorated with various magical runes. He carries a tall, gnarled wooden staff with a red crystal orb near the top which he is able to levitate at his side using magic.