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Dragon Quest series character
Dragon Quest VI
DQVI DS Demon Steward.png
Sprite Blackmar DQVI SNES.gif
Japanese Name アクバー
Rōmaji Akubar
Title Dread Fiend

Blackmar (known as Akbar in fan translations and Akubar in Dragon Warrior Monsters) is one of the antagonists in Dragon Quest VI. He is in charge of the prison complex at Gallows Moor.


Blackmar appears as a yellow demon with massive dragonic purple wings. Able to breath a a fearsome fiery breath, as well as drain the defences of able bodied attackers, this black hearted Dread Fiend is a frightening foe to face. The battle against him can rage on for a long time since the fiend is capable of casting Kazing, reviving any of the his dark knight companions, the Dragooners. They are also capable of calling on a Heal Slime for back up, which can cast Full Heal on Blackmar, bringing the beast back up to full health. The Dread Fiend can also bring the bothersome slimes back to life, meaning multi-target skills are a must have in this battle.

Unlike the other Dread Fiends, he remained in the Dread Realm to serve as the warden for Mortamor's prison facility.


HP MP Experience Gold
3300 255 0 0
Attack Defense Speed
270 230 130
Dropped Item Silk tuxedo
Locations Gallows Moor
Skills Attacks twice per round
Dragon Slash
Flame Slash
Spells Kasap
Game Dragon Quest VI
Console DS

Other Appearances[edit]

Outside his main role in Dragon Quest VI, Blackmar also makes appearances in these titles.

Dragon Quest Monsters[edit]

Dragon Quest Monsters 2[edit]


  • It is unclear whether Blackmar is officially a Dread Fiend.
    • He is explicitly stated to be Mortamor's second-in-command, which makes his status essentially identical to that of the other Dread Fiends.
    • Dhuran does not mention Blackmar when he lists all the Dread Fiends. Although, he may have intentionally left out Blackmar since the party has not encountered him yet.

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  • Mortamor is a Rank S and is needed to fusion Mortamor himself.