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Dragon Quest series character
Dragon Quest VI
Mortamor Art.png
Japanese Name デスタムーア
Rōmaji Desutamuua
Title Archfiend
Age Unknown

Mortamor (デスタムーア Desutamuua)is the main antagonist in Enix's Dragon Quest VI and the final boss of the game. He is the Archfiend who sends four of his greatest minions to conquer the Real World and the Phantom World. He can be encountered in his lair.


When first confronted, Mortamor appears to be an old demon with gold orbs levitating before each of his hands. Mortamor himself states that this is merely an old man and will, upon first defeat, emerge from the two golden orbs as a hulking, winged demon with spiked shoulders. When this form is defeated Mortamor will literally cast aside his body, becoming the disembodied demonic face and pair of hands he is best known as.


  • First phase
  • Second phase
  • Third phase
  • Right claw
  • Left claw

HP MP Experience Gold
2000 255 0 0
Attack Defense Speed
290 250 150
Locations Mortamor's Dreadlair
Skills Disruptive Wave
Venom Mist
Searing Flames
Frigid Ice
Energy Balls
Insane Attack
Sometimes attacks twice per round
Spells Kaboom
Game Dragon Quest VI
Console DS

In his initial form, he appears as demonic old man with golden orbs and has immunity to all status ailments, crack, ice breath, and ther Merchant's troop attack. He has a 75% resistance to fire breath, sizz, a 50% resistance to bang and woosh. Using the orbs, he can roast the party with Searing Flames (168~188) or lacerate them with Frigid Ice (124~134), both of which ignore Insulatle and can only be reduced by armour resistances. His Laughing attack increases his strike's power by 25%, and damage dealt with the energy orbs adds +67 to each strike.

HP MP Experience Gold
3000 255 0 0
Attack Defense Speed
410 300 90
Locations Mortamor's Dreadlair
Skills Mercurial Thrust
Defending Champion
Roundhouse Kick
Charge attack
Sometimes attacks twice per round
Spells Buff
Game Dragon Quest VI
Console DS

In this form, Mortamor transforms into a large hulking demon. He relies mainly on hard-hitting physical attacks, sometimes augmenting himself with Oomph and Buff. When he charges a character, his spiked shoulders will deal 150~180 defence ignoring damage. He is still immune to status ailments, but his elemental resistances have fallen; sizz, crack and breath skills deal 50% damage, and woosh deals full damage now. After defeating this phase, Mortamor discards this body and emerges in his iconic form.

HP MP Experience Gold
2500 255 0 0
Attack Defense Speed
300 340 120
Locations Mortamor's Dreadlair
Skills Disruptive Wave
Freezing Blizzard
Pyre o' Fire
Ferocious Roar
Recover MP
Spells Kaboom
Magic Burst
Game Dragon Quest VI
Console DS

At this point, Mortamor appears as a disembodied head and two claws. The claws are independent targets that act on their own, and can revive other parts as needed. In order to restore peace to the world, all parts of Mortamor must be destroyed.

The head is very resistant to elemental damage, with all but frizz and zap dealing 50%. It can fight defensivly with Lullab-Eye to send a character to slumber regardless of snooze resistance, or go on the offensive with defence ignoring skills like Pyre o' Fire and Raging Roar (120~150). Once the head drops to half health, it will hit the party with Magic Burst for 200~220 damage, and follow up with a meditation that restores it's MP. The head is also classified as a Zombie-family monster; exploit this weakness with Undead Undoer and Pearly Gates.

Right claw
HP MP Experience Gold
1700 255 0 0
Attack Defense Speed
330 180 70
Locations Mortamor's Dreadlair
Skills Talon attack
Talon slam
Powerful thrust
Spells Multiheal
Game Dragon Quest VI
Console DS

Mortamor's right claw appears with his third form. It's much slower than the other two parts, but has the ability to heal the others. The claw is less resistant to elements, taking full damage from everything but sizz, woosh, and crack. Talon Slam will deal +150 more damage than a normal strike, and Powerful Thrust works the same as Knuckle Sandwich.

Left claw
HP MP Experience Gold
2000 255 0 0
Attack Defense Speed
270 180 180
Locations Mortamor's Dreadlair
Skills Talon slam
Claw slash
Spells Kazing
Game Dragon Quest VI
Console DS

Mortamor's left claw appears with his third form. It's much faster than the other two parts, and can revive them with Kazing if it isn't removed first. Claw Slash will deal 25% more damage than normal. This hand is the most resistant to elements, taking full damage only from zap.

Other Appearances[edit]

Outside his main role in Dragon Quest VI, Mortamor also makes appearances in these titles.

Dragon Quest IX[edit]

#303 - Mortamor
HP MP Experience Gold
12052 (99)
255 67600 2490
Attack Defense Speed
1346 (99)
780 (99)
438 (99)
Bestiary # 303
Game Dragon Quest IX
Console DS
Description "Stares enemies into a slumber, then clobbers them with a Kafrizz and Kafrizzle. Can be damaged with darkness.

Assesses opponents' strength, then assumes a disguise to suit the situation. No one knows what he really looks like..."

Additional Attributes
Fire Ice Wind Earth Light Dark
100 50 100 100 100 150
Blast Dazzle Sleep Death Drain MP Confusion
100 0 0 0 100 0
Fizzle Inaction Paralyze Poison Charm Magic Res
0 0 0 0 5 25
Blunt Sap Decelerate
5 25 75

Moratamor appears as a Legacy Boss, obtained after completing Quest #158 (or received at special events). He will become enraged once his health drops to orange range. Mortamor is unique among bosses in that he is accompanied by two enemies that are not found anywhere else, unlike Hootingham-Gore and Shogum, who are accompanied by common monsters. He is also unique among Legacy Bosses in that he is the only one who attacks a single time per turn (but the accompanying claws equate to one or two extra actions, depending on whether one or both are present).


Level Range Secondary Drop Orb
1-3 Somnia gloves 20% Yellow Orb 5%
4-8 Somnia gloves 25% Yellow Orb 5%
9-15 Somnia clothes 20% Yellow Orb 6%
16-25 Somnia clothes 25% Yellow Orb 6%
26-40 Somnia shorts 15% Yellow Orb 7%
41-56 Somnia shorts 20% Yellow Orb 7%
57-68 Somnia shorts 25% Yellow Orb 8%
69-80 Somnia hair 15% Yellow Orb 8%
81-90 Somnia hair 20% Yellow Orb 9%
91-99 Somnia hair 25% Yellow Orb 10%


Level New abilities
Initial Disruptive Wave, Ferocious Roar, Kafrizz, Kaswoosh, Lullab-Eye, Scorch
Left Claw Kazing, Slap on the Chops, Slash with Claws
Right Claw Disruptive Wave, Multiheal, Slap on the Chops, Slash with Claws
8 C-c-cold Breath
16 Kafrizzle, stops using Kafrizz & Kaswoosh
28 Hellfire
41 Kaswooshle, stops using Scorch
57 Magic Burst, Restores all MP

Dragon Quest Monsters[edit]

Mortamor (DeathMore at the time) is present in all of his forms from Dragon Quest VI, though his hands are part of his final form now and not separate monsters. The player will have to obtain nearly all other members of the boss family to breed all of Mortamor's forms. Mortamor is also the boss behind a gate full of members of the Dragon family that is guarded by an old man and is considered by the residents of GreatTree to be the strongest of the evil lords.

Dragon Quest Monsters 2[edit]

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker[edit]

DQMJ Mortamor.gif

Mortamor appears as a Rank X monster and the last member of the Demon family. He can only be obtained by synthesizing Nimzo and Estark.

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2[edit]

Mortamor is a Rank X monster in Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2. One can be synthesized by mixing Nimzo with Estark.

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 Professional[edit]


  • It is ironic that, Mortamor uses the spell "Magic Burst", Yet he had Gracos seal away Sorceria in fear of this spell being used against him.
  • No origin story is given to Mortamor.
  • It is reasonable to assume that Mortamor's yellow orbs are his source of energy (due too the fact they are used to transform him and they die with him in the DS remake instead of just disappearing when his sprite changes) Are they his "true form"?