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A demon-at-arms (originally demon general) is a powerful undead monster that was introduced in Dragon Quest VI.


The demon-at-arms is a hellish four armed fiend that's armed to the teeth with terrifying weapons, including two curved cutlasses, a nifty knife and a great conking club. Dressed in dingy dark armour and with ugly orange cracked skin, this menacing monster is quite a creepy sight to behold. Having so many arms allows the demon to strike twice in a turn, but this fiend fancies itself as a spell slinger as well as a warrior, striking the battlefield all foes with fierce fire using Kasizzle and a crushing cowering foes with icy malicious magic in the form of Kacrackle. Before unleashing their flurry of feisty spells, they love to lower battlers defense by casting Kasap. These frightening foes can even breath and belch hot flames across the entire field, using flame breath. Wise wizardly adventurers would definitely benefit from the boon of the Insulate spell when battling these beasts.


Winky + Great Dragon = Demon-at-arms
Jamirus + Living statue = Demon-at-arms
Demon-at-arms + Metal slime knight = King bubble slime

Dragon Quest VI[edit]

HP MP Experience Gold
507 255 1800 320
Attack Defense Speed
180 300 79
Locations Weaver's Peak
Skills Double Trouble
Flame Breath
Violent slash
Spells Kacrackle
Game Dragon Quest VI
Console DS

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker[edit]

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2[edit]

The demon-at-arms is a Rank A monster in Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2. One can be synthesized by mixing an giant moth and an archdemon.

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