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This garishly green and purple coloured genie rides into battle on a corrosive cloud when released from the malevolantern, ripping into enemies with the worrisome Wind Sickles skill and the Backdraft buff, which uses the wind to send any bothersome breath attacks right back. They also slice through opponents with the Swoosh spell.


Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation[edit]

Low djinks DQVI Logo.png
Original (SFC)
Sprite HP * MP Attack Defense
Lampmage.gif 304 14 150 94
Agility Experience * Gold Tame Rate
68 300 69 NA
Bestiary No. 111
Spell(s) Swoosh
Skill(s) Backdraft
Wind Sickles
Item(s) Dropped Seed of strength1256
Evasion Frizz Resistance * Sizz Resistance * Fire Breath Resistance *
164 0% 0% 0%
Bang Resistance * Crack Resistance * Ice Breath Resistance * Woosh Resistance *
25% 25% 25% 100%
Strike/Rock Resistance * Zap Resistance * Drain Magic Resistance * Whack Resistance *
0% 0% 100% 100%
Poof Resistance * Poison Resistance * Burning Breath Resistance Fuddle Resistance *
100% 100% 80% 50%
Snooze Resistance * Dazzle Resistance * Fizzle Resistance Ban Dance Resistance
50% 50% 15% 100%
Stun Resistance * Sap Resistance * Army Resistance *
50% 15% 60%
Remakes (DS, Mobile)
Sprites Notable Changes

Dragon Quest X[edit]

Dragon Quest Heroes II: Twin Kings and the Prophecy's End[edit]

Low djinks DQHII Logo.png
Model Experience Gold Marked Version?
Low djinks DQH2.png 8733 535g Yes
List No. 109
Field Notes A wicked spirit recently released from a cursed lamp. Whips up whirlwinds to send foes flying.
His protracted imprisonment has made him unusually attached to his lamp, and he constantly carries it with him.
Location(s) Battle of the Pinnacle: Base, Battle of the Pinnacle: Centre
Item(s) Dropped Royal soil, Sock-it locket


The low djinks' name is a pun that plays on the romanized version of the Arabic genie, djinn, and the phrase 'high jinks', meaning to have fun in a boisterous and chaotic kind of way.

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