Mt. Snowhere

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Mt. Snowhere is a town in Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation.

The priest Ali Kazam has taken residence here and will provide The Hero and party the Turnscote pendant after they retrieve the Rusted sword from the Everfrost Grotto.


ICON-ITEM-SHOP.png Item Shop 
Item Price Attributes
ICON-Medicinal herb.png Medicinal herb8?
ICON-Antidotal herb.png Antidotal herb10?
ICON-Chimaera wing.png Chimaera wing25?
ICON-Holy water.png Holy water20?
ICON-WEAPON-SHOP.png Weapon Shop 
Item Price Attributes
ICON-Steel fangs.png Steel fangs2,000Attack +35/Style +8
ICON-Saw blade.png Saw blade9,800Attack +54/Style -2
ICON-War hammer.png War hammer12,000Attack +64/Style +19
ICON-Spiked steel whip.png Spiked steel whip7,400Attack +65/Style +22
ICON-Dream blade.png Dream blade6,300Attack +65/Style +28
ICON-Heavy armour.png Heavy armour5,000Defense +50/Style -30


Price per person
25 gold coins

Prior to the town defrosting, a soldier charges Hero and party 200 gold coins for rest.

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