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Dragon Quest series character
Dragon Quest VI
DQIII Seaslime.png
Rōmaji Marilyn
Race Seaslime

Shelley is a character and eligible party member in the DS remake of Dragon Quest VI. A bit on the self-depreciating side, she brightens up her outlook on life when she joins the party.


Shelley is first met by The Hero in the well at Weaver's Peak where she was hoping to meet up with her Cureslime friend Curie.

She encounters The Hero, along with Carver and Milly the port east of Somnia, failing again to meet up with her friend.

Shelley meets up with the party one last time in the Undersea Inn below the island of the Fashion Forge well. She joins them after they arrive with Curie in the line up.

Base Stats[edit]

Attribute Starting Stats Maximum Stats
Level 3 99
HP 72 270
MP 3 600
Strength 48 280
Agility 52 150
Resilience 135 350
Wisdom 17 170
Style 18 60
Initial gear None


Aside from class abilities, Shelley learns a few skills on her own:

Name MP Level Target Description
Kabuff 3 3 Party Raises the defence of all party members.
Cool Breath 0 5 All enemies A chilly breath attack.
Tidal Wave 0 17 All enemies A massive ocean wave that damages all enemies.
Chilly Breath 0 22 All enemies A frigidly chilly breath attack.
Freezing Blizzard 0 35 All enemies A chafingly chilly breath attack.