Poison needle

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A single jab with this in the right spot would likely finish the enemy off in one fell swoop. --Description in Dragon Quest VII
Poison needle
Kana どくばり
Old localizations Poison knife
Found in Dragon Quest III onwards
Buy for Varies, see article
Sell for Varies, see article
Effect Chance for instant death

The poison needle is a recurring weapon in the Dragon Quest series. It is a novelty weapon that has a 12.5% (1/8th) chance to instantly kill an enemy in a single strike, but otherwise can only inflict one point of damage. Both of these attributes make the needle an invaluable weapon against metal slimes.


Dragon Quest III[edit]

The needle has an attack power of +10 and a death chance of 6.25% (1/16th) in it's debut appearance, making it less useful than in later titles. It can only be equipped by Mages, and is found in a chest behind the item store's counter in Khoryv. It can be purchased Persistence for 10 gold, and is also dropped by Betterflies at a rate of 1/128 and by Hoodies at 1/64.

Dragon Quest IV[edit]

Maya and Borya and equip the needle, increasing their attack by +0. The death chance has been increased to 1/8th, and is available for purchase in chapter 4's Havre Léon weapon shop.

Dragon Quest V[edit]

The poison needle can be equipped by Bianca, Nera, Debora, The Girl, and assorted monster recruits. It can be purchased in Coburg & Hay.

Dragon Quest VI[edit]

Milly, Ashlynn, Nevan, Terry, and the slime buddies can equip the poison needle. It is not for sale, and can be found in Arcbolt, the seabed shrine near Holstock, as well as winning rank C of Slimopolis.

  • In the SNES version, the needle is bugged and will not affect monsters that are immune to Whack.

Dragon Quest VII[edit]

The poison needle has an attack bonus of +1 and a style bonus of +15. It can be equipped by Maribel, Ruff, and Sir Mervyn. It is obtained from the Medal King after turning in 45 mini medals.

Dragon Quest VIII[edit]

The poison needle can only be equipped by Jessica in the original PS2 version, as well as Red in the 3DS port. It is sold in Baccarat for 1,900 gold.

Dragon Quest IX[edit]

The poison needle can be bought for 1900 gold, and sold for 950. It may be equipped by thieves, mages, warriors, and anyone who has mastered the Knife skill set.

Dragon Quest X[edit]

Dragon Quest XI[edit]

Dragon Quest Swords[edit]

Location Info
Castle Avalonia Sold by Minimoggie (20 mini medals




  • The needle's point resembles that of the Hell hornet--whether this is an intentional decision on Toriyama's part or a mere coincidence is unknown.