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"This wandering wonder joined our Hero on his quest in order not just to help him, but to spread smiles and laughter across all of Erdrea. Indefatigably upbeat, and as noble as any knight, Sylvando is a performer par excellence who leaves a trail of adoring fans in his wake where ever he goes. "

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Dragon Quest XI
DQXI Sylvia.png
Sprite(s) Sylvando sprite walk.gif
Japanese name シルビア
Romaji Shirubia
Title Traveling Performer
The Great Sylvando
Class Minstrel
Race Human
Family Rodrigo (father)
Voice actor Masaya Onosaka (Japanese)
Shai Matheson (English)

Sylvando (シルビア, Shirubia) is a character from Dragon Quest XI. He is a traveling performer, known by the moniker "the Great Sylvando", who puts his flamboyant talents to use in combat with a variety of colorful techniques, and is capable of equipping whips, knives, and one-handed swords, the latter two he can dual-wield.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Sylvando has black, shoulder length hair which is slicked back, long sideburns, thin eyebrows, grey eyes, and small silver studs on both ears. He has a lean, muscular build and is quite tall. Sylvando wears a black and white striped jester's tunic over a red, long-sleeved shirt along with tan tights, purple shoes, and a leather belt worn around the waist. He also carries a dulzaina, a Spanish reed instrument similar to an oboe, which he utilizes in his performances. It is his prized possession and the first thing he purchased when he first became a traveling performer.

Sylvando's dream is to build a theater of his own and make people all around the world smile. He is described as the mood maker of the party and refers to the Luminary and others as "darling". Despite his outward appearance as a performer, Sylvando appears to know quite a bit about knighthood and chivalry, as well as having a strong sense of justice. His past is shrouded in mystery and when asked, Sylvando tends to avoid the subject.


Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age[edit]

Warning: Spoilers!
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Sylvando was born as Norberto (Goliath, ゴリアテ in the Japanese version), the son of Don Rodrigo, a master swordsman and the lord of Puerto Valor. His mother died not long after he was born, leaving him to be raised alone by Rodrigo. Sylvando spent his youth under the tutelage of his father, learning about knighthood and chivalry from him and possessing a natural talent for swordsmanship. One of his fellow pupils was Hendrik. The serious young man lacked the innate skill with a sword that Sylvando had, but Hendrik was able to best Norberto in a training exercise through his strength and diligence. Many years later, Hendrik was overcome with shock upon discovering that Norberto and Sylvando were one and the same, expecting that his childhood friend would become a knight one day like him.

After a chance encounter with a traveling circus, Norberto decided that his true passion in life was to become a performer himself and make people all around the world happy, declaring that he would become a "knight in smiling armour". This led to a falling out with Don Rodrigo when he broke the news. Undaunted, Norberto then knew that he had to set out on his own and prove himself before he could return to Puerto Valor and face his father.

Base stats & pep bonus[edit]

Attribute Starting Stats Maximum Stats Skills
Level 15 99 -
HP 120 640 -
MP 49 380 -
Strength 47 330 -
Agility 44 300 +20
Resilience 19 220 +20
Magical Might 38 330 -
Magical Mending 56 350 -
Deftness 35 250 +20
Charm 63 270 +80
Pep bonus Strength +20% (40%), Charm +100% (150%)
Evasion +100% (150%)
Parenthesis includes pep-up power-up bonus.
Initial gear Sylvando's sword, Wayfarer's clothes, Feathered cap
Thorn whip, Divine dagger (in inventory)


Name MP Level Target Description
Reheal 4 15 One ally NA
Accelerate 2 15 One ally NA
Decelerate 2 15 One enemy NA
Acceleratle 4 15 All allies NA
Cock-a-doodle-doo 2 15 All allies NA
Oomph 4 15 One ally NA
Deceleratle 4 19 Enemy group NA
Woosh 5 20 Enemy group NA
Tingle 2 22 All allies NA
Remidheal 8 28 One ally NA
Swoosh 10 29 Enemy group NA
Oomphle 8 39 One ally NA
Remoreheal 16 43 One ally NA

Character builder[edit]

Name Skill points MP Range Pep Oomph Info
Flame Slash 3 2 One enemy Yes Yes 120% (plus 5) fire damage to one enemy
Attack Power When Wielding +3 4 -- -- -- -- NA
Critical Hit Chance When Wielding +2% 6 -- -- -- -- NA
Sword Stance 7 2 -- -- -- Increases parrying chance by 33%
Attack Power When Wielding +6 10 -- -- -- -- NA
Dragon Slash 10 2 One enemy Yes Yes 200% (plus 10) damage to Dragon family monsters
Metal Slash 12 2 One enemy Yes Yes 1~2 damage to metal slimes, cannot miss
Pep Chance +5% 12 -- -- -- -- NA
Miracle Slash 16 4 One enemy Yes Yes Restores at least 20 HP per slash
Name Skill points MP Range Pep Oomph Info
Attack Power When Wielding +5 3 -- -- -- -- NA
Critical Hit Chance When Wielding +2% 4 -- -- -- -- NA
Sleeper Hit 7 3 One enemy Yes Yes 120% damage, 50% chance to snooze target
Attack Power When Wielding +10 9 -- -- -- -- NA
Cobra Strike 13 3 One enemy Yes Yes 120% damage, 50% chance to poison target
Persecutter 13 5 One enemy Yes Yes 620% damage to enemies that are confused or asleep
Victimiser 16 5 One enemy Yes Yes 620% damage to enemies that are poisoned or paralyzed
Nastier Knives 18 -- -- -- -- Raises knife skill success chance by 25%
Sudden Death 20 8 One enemy Yes Yes 200% light damage with a 20% chance to instantly kill target
Name Skill points MP Range Pep Oomph Info
Hypnowhip 3 5 One group Yes First hit 110% damage, 25% chance to fuddle foes
Attack Power When Wielding +5 4 -- -- -- -- NA
Starstrike 6 5 One group Yes First hit 110% damage, 25% chance to dazzle foes
Lashings of Love 7 2 One group Yes First hit 150% damage to Humanoid family monsters
Attack Power When Wielding +10 9 -- -- -- -- NA
Strength +5 10 -- -- -- -- NA
Trammel Lash 13 5 One group Yes First hit 110% damage, 25% chance to paralyze foes
Hit the Hay 18 5 One group Yes First hit 110% damage, 25% chance to snooze foes
Lash Batter 20 10 One group Yes First hit 150% damage, 25% chance to charm foes
Wyrm Whip 25 12 One enemy Yes First hit Three lashes at 60% power against one enemy, removes all buffs
Name Skill points MP Range Pep Oomph Info
Hot Lick 4 4 One enemy -- -- Singes a single enemy for up to 37~43 damage three times
Sobering Slap 8 4 One ally -- Yes Cures an ally of snooze, fuddle, charm, and paralysis
Charm +10 10 -- -- -- -- NA
Tap Dance 10 4 -- -- -- Doubles evasion for two turns
Deftness +20 12 -- -- -- -- NA
Agility +20 14 -- -- -- -- NA
Charm +30 16 -- -- -- -- NA
Pied Piper 18 4 -- -- -- Attempts to kite enemy focus to Sylvando for 2~3 turns
Have a Ball 20 12 Random Yes First hit Three to six strikes at 50% power on random enemies, 10% chance to fuddle per hit
Name Skill points MP Range Pep Oomph Info
Kiss Me Deadly 10 4 One enemy -- -- Up to 67~77 damage, 50% chance to poison
Fuddle Dance 12 8 All enemies -- -- Attempts to confuse all enemies for 3~6 turns, 50% accuracy
Hustle Dance 14 12 All allies Yes -- Restores up to 257~267 HP to all allies
That's Amore 14 12 One enemy Yes -- Up to 335~355 damage based on charm, 25% chance to paralyze for 1~4 turns
Charm +40 18 -- -- -- -- NA
Dual-Wielding 20 -- -- -- -- NA
Gold Rush 20 0 All enemies -- -- 270~330 damage to all enemies for 1000 gold
Pink Pirouette 20 16 All enemies Yes -- 150% wind damage to all enemies based on attack stat, 10% chance to confuse foes for 1~3 turns
Name Skill points MP Range Pep Oomph Info
Whipping Boy 10 0 -- -- -- Take a hit for an ally
Resilience +20 12 -- -- -- -- NA
Grand Stand 14 6 -- Yes -- Sylvando's attack and defence increase by 25% for 4~6 turns
Ladies First 14 0 -- -- -- Veronica, Serena, or Jade will act during Sylvando's turn in addition to their own
Whipping Joy 14 0 -- -- -- Sylvando's defence increases by 50% when covering an ally
Whipping Ploy 18 0 -- Yes -- Chance for Sylvando to counter-attack with double damage when protecting a friend
Finger of Justice 20 24 One enemy Yes -- Inflict up to 500~700 damage to a single enemy, dependent on strength
Pep-Up Power-Up 20 -- -- -- -- NA


Dragon Quest XI (S: Deffinitive Edition) 
Weapon Modifier(s)
Bloodletter Attack +1
Poison needle Attack +1
Cypress stick Attack +7
Soldier's sword Attack +9
Thorn whip Attack +11
Bronze knife Attack +12
Copper sword Attack +13
Divine dagger Attack +14
Bronze sword Attack +16
Battle whip Attack +17
Iron broadsword Attack +20
Poison moth knife Attack +24
Rapier Attack +24
Rosewhip Attack +27
Batterfly knife Attack +29
Bandit blade Attack +30
Hypnowhip Attack +30
Silver rapier Attack +32
Beastly bullwhip Attack +34
Steel broadsword Attack +35
Assassin's dagger Attack +37
Eagle dagger Attack +39
Scorpion tail Attack +43
Cautery sword Attack +42
Falcon blade Attack +45
Falcon knife earrings Attack +45
Queen's whip Attack +47
Sword breaker Attack +48
Dragontail whip Attack +50
Zombiesbane Attack +54
Platinum sword Attack +60
Bastard sword Attack +61
Heliodorian sword Attack +61
Icicle dirk Attack +62
Nobleman's knife Attack +64
Zombie slayer Attack +65
Serpentscale skean Attack +66
Dread dagger Attack +67
Aurora blade Attack +70
Soul breaker Attack +71
Dragonsbane Attack +72
Demon whip Attack +72
Imp knife Attack +74
Empress's whip Attack +76
Fenrir fang Attack +80
Fizzle foil Attack +80
Miracle sword Attack +80
Gladius Attack +82
Beelzebarb Attack +83
Metal slime sword Attack +84
Triple-tine whip Attack +84
Deft dagger Attack +86
Fire blade Attack +87
Malevolash Attack +87
Liquid metal sword Attack +93
Über falcon blade Attack +94
Archdemon whip Attack +96
Dragon slayer Attack +96
Gringham whip Attack +96
Stardust sword Attack +96
Flame tang Attack +100
Gyphon's wing Attack +100
Sword of light Attack +109
Darting dagger Attack +111
Inferno blade Attack +111
Thunderstorm sword Attack +111
Thunderstorm skean Attack +119
High-born blade Attack +121
Mega gringham whip Attack +123
Nebula sword Attack +123
Dashing dagger Attack +132
Goddess whip Attack +135
Über miracle sword Attack +135
El Stupendo Attack +140
Knife of strife Attack +142
Giga gringham whip Attack +147
Supernova sword Attack +147
Sword of judgement Attack +150
Anchor of rancour Attack +155
Hellbeast's leash Attack +158
Shamshir of light Attack +158
Metal king sword Attack +161
Dynamo dagger Attack +164
Hypernova sword Attack +182
Über gringham whip Attack +182

Dragon Quest XI (S: Definitive Edition) 
Helmet Modifier(s)
Bandana Defense +1
Leather hat Defense +3
Pointy hat Defense +5
Feathered cap Defense +8
Turban Defense +12
Iron helmet Defense +16
Fur hood Defense +18
Bronze helmet Defense +18
Feathered headband Defense +17
Malleable mask Defense +19
Hermes' hat Defense +20
Mercury's bandana Defense +23
Magical hat Defense +25
Steel helmet Defense +25
Pirate's hat Defense +30
Happy hat Defense +31
Iron headgear Defense +32
Papillon mask Defense +33
Scholar's cap Defense +33
Tiara tremenda Defense +35
Cavalier hat Defense +36
Platinum headgear Defense +36
Thinking cap Defense +38
Mythril helm Defense +38
Metal slime helm Defense +39
Dragon bandana Defense +41
Liquid metal helm Defense +49
Autumn shower hat Defense +51
Spring breeze hat Defense +51
Summer cloud hat Defense +51
Phantom mask Defense +51
Winter sky hat Defense +51
Tiara tremendisima Defense +57
Heavenly helm Defense +62
Metal king helm Defense +63

Dragon Quest XI (S: Definitive Edition) 
Armor Modifier(s)
Plain clothes Defense +4
Arriviste's vest Defense +5
Elevating vest Defense +5
Vest for success Defense +5
Wayfarer's clothes Defense +7
Leather armour Defense +11
Templar's uniform Defense +13
Scale armour Defense +16
Chain mail Defense +20
Leather cape Defense +22
Iron cuirass Defense +25
Fur poncho Defense +29
Gallopitan garb Defense +35
Hairy vest Defense +38
Magic vestment Defense +39
Glombolero Defense +40
Smart suit Defense +40
Dapper doublet Defense +41
Silver cuirass Defense +42
Prince's pea coat Defense +44
Agility gilet Defense +45
Posh waistcoat Defense +48
Silver mail Defense +48
King's coat Defense +53
Mardi garb Defense +53
Star's suit Defense +58
Velvet cape Defense +60
Emperor's attire Defense +61
Rogue's robes Defense +61
Platinum mail Defense +63
Twinkling tuxedo Defense +67
Superstar's suit Defense +68
Glad rags Defense +70
Liquid metal jacket Defense +70
Dancer's mail Defense +72
Metal slime armour Defense +79
Dark robe Defense +80
Dashing doublet Defense +83
Gigant armour Defense +90
Liquid metal armour Defense +97
Mirror armour Defense +98
Sacred armour Defense +100
Metal king jacket Defense +101
Seraph's robe Defense +105
Gladder rags Defense +114
Exotoga Defense +120
Legendary armour Defense +120
Metal king armour Defense +126

Dragon Quest XI (S: Definitive Edition) 
Shields Modifier(s)
Pot lid Defense +2
Leather shield Defense +4
Scale shield Defense +7
Silver platter Defense +8
Gold platter Defense +12
Light shield Defense +17
Platinum platter Defense +20
White shield Defense +24
Magic shield Defense +27
Enchanted shield Defense +33
Ice shield Defense +33
Ethereal shield Defense +36
Metal slime shield Defense +39
Flame shield Defense +40
Liquid metal shield Defense +44
Brain drainer Defense +45
Silver shield Defense +51
Psyche swiper Defense +52
Devilry drinker Defense +63
Soul sucker Defense +73
Metal king shield Defense +75

Dragon Quest XI (S: Definitive Edition) 
Accessories Modifier(s)
Aerofoil earrings Defense +5
Charm +10
Agility ring Defense +5
Agility +17
All-weather earrings Defense +5
Charm +16
Angel's sandals Agility +25
Anti-freeze earrings Defense +5
Charm +10
Archangel's boots Defense +25
Asbestos earrings Defense +5
Charm +10
Assasin Critical +1%
Defense +2
Charm +5
Blackout earrings Defense +5
Charm +16
Bling-bling belt Defense +2
Charm +11
Bow tie Defense +2
Charm +10
Brainy bracer M. Might +20
M. Mend +20
Brigand's mitts Defense +6
Deftness +32
Bunny tail Defense +7
Caligae of clarity M. Mend +20
Care ring Defense +5
Carer rivière Defense +3
Catholicon ring Defense +5
Choker of riddance Defense +3
Cinderblock earrings Defense +5
Charm +16
Concrete earrings Defense +5
Charm +10
Devil's tail Defense +2
Agility +10
Dogged collar Defense +4
Attack +8
Dragon scale Defense +8
Attack +9
Earthwyrm's eye Defense +7
HP +16
Charm +35
Elfin charm Defense +10
Freebooter's gloves Defense +48
Full moon collar Defense +3
Full moon ring Defense +5
Gloomy gloves Deftness +22
Gold bracer Defense +4
Charm +6
Gold chain Defense +1
HP +5
Charm +5
Gold ring Defense +5
Charm +8
Gold rosary M. Might +5
M. Mend +5
Guru's gloves M. Might +17
M. Mend +17
Deftness +40
Healer Defense +2
Charm +5
Holy talisman Defense +5
Life bracer Defense +3
HP +30
Life ring Defense +5
HP +5
Lucky dragon's wing Defense +7
Meteorite bracer Defense +100
Mighty armlet Attack +15
Minister's mitts M. Mend +20
Deftness +48
Mirror earrings Defense +5
Charm +10
Monarch mark Defense +10
M. Might +30
M. Mend +30
Murky mittens Deftness +32
Mystic Defense +2
Charm +5
Natty carvat Evasion +2%
Defense +6
Deftness +22
Charm +23
Necklace of immunity Defense +3
Papillon pendant Defense +3
HP +10
MP +10
Pink pearl ring Defense +5
MP +10
Charm +10
Prayer ring Defense +5
Charm +10
Protective pendant Defense +3
Ring of clarity Defense +5
Ring of immunity Defense +5
Ring of riddance Defense +5
Ring of truth Defense +5
Rosary M. Mend +6
MP +8
Rousing ring Defense +5
Rousing rose collar Defense +3
Rubber earrings Defense +5
Charm +10
Rubber gloves Defense +3
Deftness +12
Ruby of protection Defense +16
Safety goggles Defense +3
Scholar's specs M. Might +15
M. Mend +15
Charm +15
Shield-bearer Block +1%
Parry +1%
Charm +5
Defense +10
Skull ring Defense +5
Slime earrings Defense +2
Charm +6
Sorcerer's ring Defense +5
MP +10
Sorcerer's stone M. Mend +13
M. Might +14
Sovereign seal Defense +7
Charm +35
Springheel boots Defense +25
Spirit bracer Defense +7
MP +30
Star of clarity Defense +3
Strength ring Attack +5
Suave scarf Evasion +4%
Defense +10
Charm +48
Deftness +50
Supplicant Defense +2
Charm +5
Titan belt Defense +5
Attack +12
Tough guy tattoo Attack +8
Torc of truth Defense +3
Traveller's hood Defense +4
Trickster Evasion+1%
Defense +2
Charm +5
Utility belt Defense +2
Deftness +15
Vanguard Defense +2
Charm +5
Agility +10
Venus' tear Defense +7
Charm +35
Warlock Defense +2
M. Might +3
M. Mend +3
Charm +5
Wings of serendipity Defense +5
Charm +20
Wristorative Defense +7

Shypox dialogue[edit]

In battle:

Warning: Spoilers!
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  • Sylvando remembers the time one of his juggling balls fell on his head…
  • Sylvando realises that a single hair is out of place in his immaculately coiffed do…
  • Sylvando suddenly remembers the time his shirt caught fire mid-performance…
  • Sylvando is suddenly reminded of a truly cringeworthy early performance…
  • Sylvando is suddenly reminded of the follies of his youth…
  • Sylvando catches himself sizing up the enemy’s star potential like a talent show judge…
  • Sylvando is suddenly gripped by the urge to put a flower between his teeth…
  • Sylvando can’t shake the feeling he missed a spot when shaving this morning…
  • Sylvando remembers the time he mistook someone asking for directions for an autograph hunter…
  • Sylvando is suddenly blinded by the enemy’s beauty…
  • Sylvando notices the enemy looking at him right as he’s about to sneeze…
  • Sylvando winks at the enemy, but they don’t bat an eyelid…
  • Sylvando goes to strike the fabulous pose he’s been practising, and realises he’s forgotten it!
  • Sylvando is suddenly so overexcited, he can’t stop shaking…
  • Sylvando starts confidently belting out a tune, then realises he’s totally out of tune…
  • Sylvando recalls the time he sneezed so loud everyone around him stopped fighting…
  • Sylvando takes another look at the outfit he’s wearing…
  • Out of nowhere, Sylvando’s face suddenly turns bright red!
  • Sylvando thinks over some of the ‘cool’ spell names he came up with as a kid…
  • Sylvando feels the enemy staring into his very soul…
  • Sylvando comes over all ticklish and starts giggling…
  • Sylvando thinks about a soppy poem he wrote when he was younger…
  • Sylvando notices that he’s got some food stuck in his teeth!
  • Sylvando’s eyes meet the enemy’s, and he’s suddenly strangely flustered…
  • Sylvando catches himself wondering if he’d look good in make-up…
  • Sylvando suddenly recalls the first-ever love letter he wrote…
  • Sylvando remembers the time when he wished he had Hero’s haircut…
  • Sylvando suddenly remembers having a huge spot on his forehead…
  • Sylvando catches himself thinking he might be kind of handsome…
  • Sylvando suddenly remembers everyone’s faces when they tried the ‘extra-special’ meal he cooked…
  • Sylvando starts to think the enemy looks kind of cute…
  • Sylvando suddenly notices all the stains on his clothes…

When speaking to townsfolk:

Warning: Spoilers!
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  • Sylvando opens his mouth to try and speak to the person in front of him…
  • But he suddenly realises he left a book of bad ideas for circus tricks somewhere.
  • But he suddenly remembers how he once majorly messed up his signature trick in front of a huge audience.
  • But he suddenly remembers being rolled over by a ball he’d tried to balance on at the circus.
  • But he suddenly remembers singeing his hair something rotten when he tried to dive through a ring of fire.
  • But he suddenly remembers crashing into a tourist during a game of tag back when he was just a boy.
  • But he realises they noticed him smirking just now about a great idea he had for his next show.
  • But he nearly calls them ‘Papi’.
  • But he realises one of his luscious lashes has been stuck to his cheek for the past hour.
  • But he suddenly realises he hasn’t bathed for two full days.
  • But they suddenly ask to see what he looks like when he’s mortified. ‘Sure thing, honey!’ …
  • But he suddenly realises there’s a great big spot on his forehead.
  • But he suddenly remembers that time he performed an entire show with his clothes on back to front.
  • But he’s suddenly struck by how precious every person and monster in all of Erdrea is, and wells up with tears.
  • But he suddenly realises he hasn’t cut his nails in weeks.
  • But he suddenly realises he hasn’t got any scintillating zingers lined up.
  • But he’s suddenly worried he won’t be able to make them smile. And if he can’t do that, how will he ever be a true star of the circus?

Dragon Quest Rivals[edit]

Sylvando appears as a player avatar and his likeness is featured on several cards.


  • In the Japanese version of the game, Sylvando refers to himself using the pronoun "atashi" (あたし), which is typically only used by women but it can be used by feminine men. This trait is shared by other feminine male characters in various pieces of Japanese media, including various anime, manga, and video games.
    • Furthering this, his Japanese name can be transliterated as "Sylvia", a common woman's name.
  • Sylvando was voted the most popular character overall in the international fan poll for Dragon Quest XI that was released by Japanese gaming magazine, Famitsu, winning with a total of 1,156 votes.
  • He is the second tallest character in the party at 185 cm (6' 1") after Hendrik. His age and weight are a secret.[1]
  • His favorite food is fresh fish prepared Puerto Valor style.
  • Each of the Luminary's companions represent one of the classes in Dragon Quest III. Sylvando represents the Jester.