Archdemon whip

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Dragon Quest IX[edit]

Desc: A woeful whip that whiffs worryingly of wickedness
Attack: 86
Rarity: 1 star
Recipe: Demon Whip x1 + Terrible Tattoo x2 + Malicite x1
   Buy: N/A
  Sell: 2400 gold
Eqipable Classes:Mage Icon.pngMinstrel Icon.pngDQ9LuminaryIcon.png

Note the weapon is cursed and can be upgraded into a Scourge whip

Dragon Quest XI[edit]

The archdemon whip has an attack bonus of +96 and a charm bonus of +27. These bonuses can be upgraded using the forge to +100, +104, or +109 for attack, and +28, +29, or +31 for charm. The archdemon whip also has a 6 percent chance to beguile demons. They can be bought at the Phnom Nonh shop for 17,500 gold. Veronica and Sylvando can equip it.