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Curses (呪い) are hexes that afflict the target with a wide variety of potent effects. Some curses are permanently set upon certain items as well: see Cursed Equipment for a list. These items must be removed in a Church before the bearer can equip anything else, but the curses chanted in battle can be removed with the Sheen spell.


Dragon Quest V[edit]

Curses have several debilitating effects, and only characters with high Luck can reliably avoid them. The potential damnation are:

  • Reducing HP by 1 for every four steps
  • Reducing MP by 1 for every four steps
  • Randomly becoming stunned during battle
  • Randomly causing spells and skills to fail during battle
  • Forcing a character to randomly attack an ally

Dragon Quest VIII[edit]

Curses are cast by undead and demonic monsters, which force characters to lose a turn. The Hero is immune to all curses, save by one cast by the bonus boss in the post-game.

Dragon Quest X[edit]

Dragon Quest XI[edit]

Possible effects include:

  • Halving the maximum HP of a character for the battle
  • Halving the maximum MP of a character for the battle
  • Forcing the character to succumb to instant death with a high probability within a random number of turns