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The Queen of the memraids as seen in XI

The Mermaids are a race of women with the lower bodies of fish. Mermaids are typically fearful of humans, and for good reason--there is a popular myth that eating the flesh of a mermaid will grant the consumer eternal youth.


Dragon Quest II[edit]

The Subtle Shuttle features a graceful looking mermaid figure as part of it's design motif.

Dragon Quest VI[edit]

The lover's tryst exposed

Mermaids are first seen basking on the surface of an colossal conch shell not far from Gent, and will dive into the sea when approached. Later on, the party will discover the secret romance of a mermaid named Unda and a wounded fisherman named Rod in the coastal village of Pescado. Explaining that his lover rescued him when his ship was destroyed in a massive storm and that the two have kept their love hidden from the people of Pescado out of fear of Unda's safety, Rod pleads with the party to escort Unda back to her home and states that he cannot bear to see her secreted away in a tidal cave just for his sake.

Once the party escorts the siren back to her school of kinswomen, her older sister Ova will bestow lorelei's Harp to the heroes as thanks. Astonished that humans would act so selflessly on Unda's behalf, the mermaids will no longer flee when approached and can be spoken to as normal NPCs. After the events of Cloudsgate Citadel are completed Rod can be seen in on the surface of the mermaid grotto, having made the journey after recovering from hsi remaining wounds and reuniting with Unda.

Dragon Quest VII[edit]

No mermaids appear directly in VII aside from the Water Spirit herself, but the Mermaid moon accessory plays a part in earning the Magic carpet. The manga did, however, show a mermaid.

Warning: Spoilers
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During the events of Buccanham it is revealed that the Hero's mother was transformed into a mermaid by Scoober, the king of the ocean. This process was to allow her to wait for the revival of her lover Sharkeye, sealed in a glacier by the Demon lord. She will return to human form once a year and presumably only age during that period. In order to spare the life of her unborn son, the hero was carried several centuries into the future to a woman named Pearl on the island of Estard.

Dragon Quest X[edit]

Dragon Quest XI[edit]

Dragon Quest Monsters 2[edit]

Mermaids appear in the 3DS remake as inhabitants of the world of water, and will surface to challenge the player to a match. Their Queen can be challenged as well, and will reward the player with a random monster egg if bested.


The relationship between the supple mermaids and the fish-faced Merman enemies, if any, has never been addressed in any game. Amos has speculated about the two species in Party chat while exploring the Seabed Shrine, but was unable to draw any conclusions.