Party (Dragon Quest XI)

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The Party of Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age live in the world of Erdrea and journey to protect it from Mordegon and Calasmos.


Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age[edit]


  • The Luminary: A young man from the village of Cobblestone. He was born with a mysterious mark on his left hand, and is declared to be the "Darkspawn" by the King of Heliodor that will bring about the end of the world if he is not killed.
  • Erik: A blue-haired thief that the Luminary encounters in the dungeons of Heliodor who decides to accompany him on his journey. Despite his rough-and-tumble appearance, he is a kindhearted and loyal friend.
  • Veronica: A strong-willed, tomboyish girl who has lost her age and hates being treated like a child. She will stand up to anyone, regardless if they are an adult or monster. She is gifted with offensive magic.
  • Serena: A kind, dependable, and compassionate young woman who has a talent with healing magic and the lyre. Her hapless personality sometimes causes trouble for her sister Veronica.
  • Sylvando: A flamboyant and carefree entertainer with a dream to make people smile around the world. He is described as the mood maker of the party and has a strong sense of justice.
  • Jade: An expert martial artist who travels the world with Rab in order to fulfill a mysterious goal. Her beauty and dignified demeanor suggests that she is more than just a talented fighter.
  • Rab: A mysterious elderly man who looks like nothing more than a simple traveler, but in combat he wields ferocious martial arts skills and high level magic. He seems to know someone in every port and town around the world.
  • Hendrik: A Heliodoran knight and general who is initially opposed to the Luminary and is tasked by the King of Heliodor to capture him. After a change of heart, he vows to become the Luminary's sword, shield, and unswerving companion.