Phnom Nonh

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Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age[edit]

When the party first arrives, they learn about a mysterious painting everyone in town visits. They also meet a young girl named Dora who is looking for her parents.

Shop & Services[edit]

ICON-ITEM-SHOP.png First act 
Item Price Attributes
ICON-Care rivière XI.png
Care rivière
2,000Defence +3/4/5/6
Fizzle protection +10/15/20/25%
Skill seal protection +10/15/20/25%
ICON-Protective pendant XI.png
Protective pendant
2,000Defence +3/4/5/6
Charm protection +10/15/20/25%
ICON-Strong medicine XI.png
Strong medicine
36Heals ~50 HP
ICON-Strong antidote XI.png
Strong antidote
45Heals ~30 HP & cures poison
ICON-Moonwort bulb XI.png
Moonwort bulb
30Cures paralysis
ICON-Holy water XI.png
Holy water
20Repels weaker monsters
ICON-Chimaera wing XI.png
Chimaera wing
25Casts Zoom

ICON-WEAPON-SHOP.png First act 
Item Price Attributes
ICON-Cautery sword XI.png
Cautery sword
4,400Attack +42/44/47/50
12~20 Fire damage to one group
ICON-Carbon steel claymore XI.png
Carbon steel claymore
8,000Attack +78/83/88/95
Parry chance +2%
ICON-Sword breaker XI.png
Sword breaker
5,500Attack +48/51/54/57
+8/8/10/10% chance to Blunt
ICON-Soarin' steel XI.png
Soarin' steel
2,800Attack +32/33/34/37
ICON-Wyvern wand XI.png
Wyvern wand
2,400Attack +22/23/24/26
M. might +5/5/6/6
M. mending +18/19/20/22
MP absorb +3/3/3/4
+2% MP drained from dragons
ICON-Lightning staff XI.png
Lightning staff
4,600Attack +24/26/28/30
M. might +22/24/26/28
M. mending +10/11/12/13
MP absorb +9%
31~41 Lightning damage to one group
ICON-Trident XI.png
5,400Attack +65/69/74/79
+20% damage to Nature family monsters
ICON-Scorpion tail XI.png
Scorpion tail
3,200Attack +43/46/49/53
+4% paralysis chance
ICON-Silver claws XI.png
Silver claws
2,800Attack +23/25/27/29
Agility +10/11/13/15
Critical chance +2%

ICON-ARMOUR-SHOP.png First act 
Item Price Attributes
ICON-Light shield XI.png
Light shield
1,250Defence +17/18/20/22
Block chance +6%
ICON-Steel shield XI.png
Steel shield
1,500Defence +22/23/24/25
Block chance +8%
Fire & Ice cut by 7%
ICON-Silver tiara XI.png
Silver tiara
1,450Defence +24/26/28/30
Charm +40/41/42/45
ICON-Bronze helmet XI.png
Bronze helmet
1,500Defence +18/19/20/21
ICON-Thief's turban XI.png
Thief's turban
3,000Defence +22/23/24/26
Darkness damage cut by 10%
Poison protection +15%
ICON-Iron mask XI.png
Iron mask
3,500Defence +25/26/28/30
ICON-Cloak of evasion XI.png
Cloak of evasion
3,000Defence +29/30/31/32
Evasion +3%/4%/4%/5%
ICON-Strongsam XI.png
4,100Defence +44/46/48/50
Agility +12/13/14/15
ICON-Silver cuirass XI.png
Silver cuirass
3,200Defence +42/43/44/46

ICON-ITEM-SHOP.png Second act* 
Item Price Attributes
ICON-Lunaria XI.png
180Cures paralysis & heals ~90 HP
ICON-Panacea XI.png
240Cures paralysis, poison & heals ~90 HP
ICON-Extra mural XI.png
Extra mural
87Forge material

ICON-WEAPON-SHOP.png Second act* 
Item Price Attributes
ICON-Aurora blade XI.png
Aurora blade
9,400Attack +70/73/76/80
Charm +18/19/20/22
ICON-Demonsbane XI.png
15,000Attack +124/130/137/144
Parry chance +2%
+20% damage to demons
ICON-Serpentscale skean XI.png
Serpentscale skean
10,000Attack +66/69/72/75
16% chance to poison
3% chance to Fuddle
ICON-Spirit staff XI.png
Spirit staff
7,100Attack +33/35/37/39
M. might +32/34/37/40
M. mending +24/26/28/31
MP absorb +10%
ICON-Demon whip XI.png
Demon whip
6,500Attack +72/74/78/82
Charm +16/17/18/20
4% chance to charm demons
ICON-Kestrel claws XI.png
Kestrel claws
5,700Attack +41/43/45/48
Agility +8/9/9/10
10% chance to charm birds & bats
ICON-King axe XI.png
King axe
10,800Attack +80/84/88/93
Max MP +6/6/7/8
+10% damage to machines

ICON-ARMOUR-SHOP.png Second act* 
Item Price Attributes
ICON-Magic shield XI.png
Magic shield
5,000Defence +27/28/30/32
M. might +12/13/14/15
M. mending +11/12/13/14
Block chance +6%
All elements cut by 5%
ICON-Dragon shield XI.png
Dragon shield
6,900Defence +30/31/33/35
Block chance +8%
Fire & Ice cut by 10%
ICON-Disturbin' turban XI.png
Disturbin' turban
5,500Defence +30/31/32/34
Poison chance cut by 30%
Darkness damage cut by 20%
ICON-Scholar's cap XI.png
Scholar's cap
6,500Defence +33/34/35/36
M. might +12/13/14/15
M. mending +12/13/14/15
ICON-Warrior's helm XI.png
Warrior's helm
6,500Defence +35/36/38/40
ICON-Dragon mail XI.png
Dragon mail
12,000Defence +60/63/66/69
Fire & Ice damage cut by 20%
ICON-Wizard's robe Xi.png
Wizard's robe
7,200Defence +43/45/47/50
M. might +18/19/20/22
Fizzle protection +40%

ICON-ITEM-SHOP.png Third act* 
Item Price Attributes
ICON-Special medicine XI.png
Special medicine
70Heals ~90 HP
ICON-Special antidote XI.png
Special antidote
87Cures poison & heals ~60 HP
ICON-Perfect panacea XI.png
Perfect panacea
490Cures all ailments & heals ~90 HP

ICON-WEAPON-SHOP.png Third act* 
Item Price Attributes
ICON-Archdemon whip XI.png
Archdemon whip
17,500Attack +96/100/104/109
Charm +27/28/29/31
+6% chance to charm demons


Phnom Nonh is combination of Phnom Penh, the capitol of Cambodia, and the English word phenomenon.

Other languages[edit]

Language Translation Meaning
ICON-FLAG-ES.png EspañolPhenom Enom
ICON-FLAG-FR.png FrançaisPhnom Menh
ICON-FLAG-DE.png DeutschMandala
ICON-FLAG-IT.png ItalianoHampodia