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Dragon Quest III

Weapon shops are where new more powerful weapons are purchased in the Dragon Quest series.

Weapons include swords, spears, knives, staves, axes, and more. Buying better weapons means dealing more damage to foes. Better weapons cost more gold, so money must be saved to buy even better weapons. Each weapon shop tends to carry something different and some even carry armor. Not every character can equip the same weapon, so the player must be careful of what is purchased.


Dragon Quest IV[edit]

In Dragon Quest IV, the player can even be a weapon shop clerk as Torneko.

In Animation[edit]

  • Several weapon shops were visited in Captain N: The Game Master:
    • "Three Men & a Dragon": Kevin Keene/Captain N, Simon Belmont and Pit (referred to as Kid Icarus) visit a weapon shop in Brecconary. Kevin managed to get some Magical herbs by giving the merchant his digital watch, with Simon and Kid Icarus getting water skis and a magical helmet.
    • "Trojan Dragon": Kevin, Duke and Princess Lana take 6 Gold Coins they obtained defeating Slimes to an unnamed weapon shop for supplies. Though the shop is scarce in supplies, the merchant gives them a bottle of Fairy water and a map to the Cave of the Axe knight, accepting the minimal amount of coins they have stating it to be a hero's discount.

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