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Dragon Quest VIII official art.

The Toughie (あらくれ, Arakure, lit. "rowdy person") is a recurring Non-Player Character type in the Dragon Quest series. In some games, they have also been known as thugs or prisoners. They are frequently in charge of running the various weapon shops throughout the world, but can also be seen as regular townspeople, particularly in seedier or less-than-reputable locations such as bars and casinos.

Toughies are easily recognizable due to their scarred and musclebound physiques, chest harnesses, and their signature yellow bull masks.


Dragon Quest II[edit]

Toughies make their first appearance in the series.

Dragon Quest VII[edit]

In the original Sony PlayStation version of the game, they are known as prisoners and are one of the immigrant types that can be sent to live at the Immigrant Town. If the player recruits many of them, the town can evolve into the Slum. The owner of the Wilted Heart in the present is known for his penchant for dressing up like a thug and chasing around maids.

Dragon Quest VIII[edit]

Yangus about to get into a fight with a toughie in Simpleton's bar

In Rank G of the Monster Arena, the third fight is against a toughie named Gruelly. His team consists of a Hammerhood, a Gorerilla, and a Bullfinch. A pair of toughies can be summoned by Yangus whenever he performs the skill Golden Oldies.

Dragon Quest IX[edit]

The player is able to dress any male characters like a toughie by equipping the thug's mug, muscle belt, toughie trousers, and thug boots.

Dragon Quest X[edit]

Players are able to purchase the toughie set for real-world currency that allows their characters to dress like a toughie. Unlike in IX, the items are all unisex and female characters are able to wear each piece of equipment. The Robber rabbit is also dressed like a toughie.

Dragon Quest XI[edit]

The Underdigger and Dave are both toughie NPCs.

  • The Underdigger is one of the combantants of the Octagonia Masked Martial Arts tournament along with his partner, the Abominable Showman. He wears a black mask with a tall pair of horns, blue boots, and a pair of blue wrestling trunks over his trousers.
  • Dave commandeers Sylvando's ship, the Salty Stallion, and has the appearance of a toughie albeit with a pink mask and trousers instead of the regular colors.

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker[edit]

The Toughie skill set is a reference to the musclebound armorers.

Dragon Quest Heroes II[edit]

Torneko has his own variation of Golden Oldies as his Coup de Grâce where he summons an stampede of toughie armorers to rush enemies.


"A familiar character from the DRAGON QUEST series is joining the BRING ARTS action figure line. The always formidable Toughie!

His trademark yellow mask and harness belt, along with his beautifully muscular and sturdy physique have been fully recreated with a finish that directly captures the masculine presence he exerts in-game."

In July 2020, Square Enix released two action figures in their Bring Arts series of the toughie in both regular and armorer variety. The armorer version comes with a set of weapons, including the steel broadsword, a copper sword, an oaken club, a cypress stick, and a bronze knife.


Heroes II footage


  • In 2014, the thug's mug, along with other items, appeared in Square Enix's MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV as part of a cross-promotion with the series to help promote the then-latest expansion of Dragon Quest X. The item allowed players to be able to dress their character avatars like toughies, as well.