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There are several downloadable content packs available for Dragon Quest Builders 2.

Builders 2 is the first game in the series to include paid dlc. To unlock the DLC in-game, the player needs to read the corresponding letter in their inbox (unlocked after returning to Isle of Awakening after Furrowfields).

None of the DLC items -free of not- count towards completing the Builderpedia.


There are several content packs available for DQB2:

  • Kickknack Pack: Available for free, includes Japanese-style New Year celebration items.
    It’s available for free, starting July 26, 2019.
    "This pack includes 3 recipes to create a Pretty Paddle, Celebratory Soup, and Ornate Adornment so that you can celebrate every New Year with some Hotto flair!"
  • Hotto Stuff Pack: Includes two new crop types, the water wheel, and several items and blocks based on the traditional Japanese lifestyle. It has a price of $5.99 / 5.99€, starting July 26, 2019.
    "This pack includes more than 40 recipes to design and decorate structures that look similar to The Hotto Steppe – a popular resting area in a distant land where visitors take a sweat break from their weary travels. You’ll also get access to an additional island to gather material that you’ll need to build these recipes!"
  • Aquarium Pack: Includes a brand new tool (fishing rod), some new hairstyles and clothing, 40 fish-able types of aquatic creatures, and some water-themed items and blocks.
    It has a price of $9.99 / 9.99€, starting August 2, 2019.
    "The world of DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS 2 has become your oyster! Check the mailbox in your Isle of Awakening to discover that a fishing island awaits you with a net full of quests and characters to meet. Learn how to catch 40 different fish that can be added to your own DIY aquarium. Unlock an additional tool – the fishing rod – recipes, as well as customization options, including swimwear, straw hats, and ponytail hairstyle."
  • Modernist Pack: Includes new hairstyles, clothing and a lot of new items and blocks.
    It has a price of $9.99 / 9.99€, starting August 9, 2019.
    "This pack includes more than 70 different recipes to construct modern-looking structures, or change hairstyles and clothing. Take your architectural skills to the next level and try your hand at building a fashionable luxury hotel."
  • Season Pass: Includes the exclusive Designer’s Sunglasses (cosmetic accessory), and all other paid DLC packs.
    It has a price of $20.99 / 20.99€.

There are various other items and blocks available as PS Plus bonuses, digital purchase bonuses, and more:

  • Stackable Slime: Stackable gooey items that are included for free in all versions of the game.
  • Ornamental Chimaera Wing
  • Ornamental Medicinal Herb
  • Dragon Quest Logo
  • Legendary Line Art: A picture of the scions of Erdrick.
  • Pixelated Protagonist: a pixel version of the prince of Midenhall.
  • Pixelated Prince: a pixel version of the prince of Cannock.
  • Pixelated Princess: a pixel version of the princess of Moonbrooke.
  • Five Sigil Blocks: five different decorative blocks inspired by the Five Sigils from Dragon Quest II.
  • Dragon Quest Builders bonus items:
    • Historic Hairband (girl) / Historic Hat (boy): The headwear worn by the first game's protagonist.
    • Historic Hammer: The first hammer used by the first game's protagonist.
    • Dragonlord's Throne: The throne of the first game's villain. When the player sits on it, their aspect changes temporarily to the Dragonlord's.

Hotto Stuff Pack[edit]

The Hotto Stuff Pack introduces two new crops (Rice and Buckwheat), as well as the Water Wheel, which allows players to create devices that work automatically.

A new Explorer's Shore is unlocked: the Bamboo Bluffs. The new crops, bamboo and pine can be found there.

The song "Slumbering" and it's recipe are included in the DLC as well. Recipes for Stuffed Omelette, Salmon Rice Ball, Rice Dumplings, Sushi, Chicken Dinner, Noodles, Fried Veggie Noodles and Rice Smoothie are also unlocked. A new material is introduced: Paper.

Building blocks
Gravel Block.jpg
Gravel Block
Woven Straw Block.jpg
Woven Straw Block
Scaled Wall Block.jpg
Scaled Wall Block
Slatted Wall Block.jpg
Slatted Wall Block
DQB2 DLC Lattice Wall.jpg
Lattice Wall
Rope Ladder.jpg
Rope Ladder
Wooden Sliding Door.jpg
Wooden Sliding Door
Paper Sliding Door.jpg
Paper Sliding Door
Sliding Door.jpg
Sliding Door
Carved Mural.jpg
Carved Mural
Tegulae Tiling.jpg
Tegulae Tiling
Ridge Tegulae Tiling.jpg
Ridge Tegulae Tiling
Flat Tegulae Tiling.jpg
Flat Tegulae Tiling
Gruesome Gargoyle.jpg
Gruesome Gargoyle
Paper Window.jpg
Paper Window
Paper Lantern.jpg
Paper Lantern
Stone Lantern.jpg
Stone Lantern
Fancy Futon.jpg
Fancy Futon
DQB2 DLC Coffee Table.jpg
Coffee Table
Toasty Table.jpg
Toasty Table
Wooden Cabinet.jpg
Wooden Cabinet
Decorative Items
Pine Seedling.jpg
Pine Seedling
Pine Sapling.jpg
Pine Sapling
DQB2 DLC Pine Tree.jpg
Pine Tree
Bamboo Shoot.jpg
Bamboo Shoot
DQB2 DLC Bamboo.jpg
Water Wheel.jpg
Water Wheel
Indefinite Donking Device.jpg
Indefinite Donking Device
Samurai Sword Collection.jpg
Samurai Sword Collection
Big Bronze Bell.jpg
Big Bronze Bell
Rice Sack.jpg
Rice Sack
Rice ball arrangement.jpg
Rice ball Arrangement
Rice dumpling arrangement.jpg
Rice Dumpling Arrangement
DQB2 DLC Sandals.jpg
Monster Monument.jpg
Monster Monument
Wall Hanging
Hanging Picture.jpg
Hanging Picture
DQB2 DLC Rice.jpg
DQB2 DLC Buckwheat.jpg

Aquarium Pack[edit]

The Aquarium Pack introduces the fishing mechanic and the fishing rod tool, as well as many water creatures and a handful of items and blocks. Upon obtaining the Fishing rod, some npcs will fish and put their catches in chests.

This DLC also includes the “Open Oceans” song and it’s recipe, and adds the recipes for the following food: Squid-on-a-Stick, Fresh fish feast, Grilled beakfish, Pan-fried marlin, Anglerfish stew, and Smoked Salmon.

An additional status effect was introduced with the Aquarium pack: "Swim Speed Up", which allows builders to move underwater like they do in land for a short time.

This is the only DLC to add a brand new location to the game: Angler's Isle. Gillian and Finn live in this island, and they provide quests for the Builder that serve as a tutorial for fishing. After finishing their storylines, they can be moved to the Isle of Awakening or to Buildertopias.

After doing some of Gillian's quest, the Gurgling Lagoon (Explorer's Shore) can be visited. In there, many types of marine decorations can be found, such as Anemones, Pillar Corals or Seagrass. Some fishes can only be caught in this island.

Some fishes that were previously obtainable as monster drops like the Salmon can now be fished too.

Tools & Outfits
DQB2 DLC Fishing Rod.jpg
Fishing Rod
Chic Swimsuit.jpg
Chic Swimsuit
Straw Hat.jpg
Straw Hat
Hipster Ponytail.jpg
Hipster Ponytail
Pretty Ponytail.jpg
Pretty Ponytail
Thug’s Mug.jpg
Thug’s Mug
DQB2 DLC Goldfish.jpg
Neon Tetra.jpg
Neon Tetra
DQB2 DLC Angelfish.jpg
Blue Betta.jpg
Blue Betta
Red Betta.jpg
Red Betta
Stripy Salmon.jpg
Stripy Salmon
DQB2 DLC Lake Trout.jpg
Lake Trout
DQB2 DLC Piranha.jpg
DQB2 DLC Clownfish.jpg
Blue Queen.jpg
Blue Queen
Pink Queen.jpg
Pink Queen
DQB2 DLC Mackerel.jpg
Striped Beakfish.jpg
Stripped Beakfish
DQB2 DLC Rockfish.jpg
DQB2 DLC Squid.jpg
DQB2 DLC Jellyfish.jpg
DQB2 DLC Seahorse.jpg
DQB2 DLC Carp.jpg
Colourful Carp.jpg
Colourful Carp
DQB2 DLC Arowana.jpg
DQB2 DLC Rainbow Trout.jpg
Rainbow Trout
DQB2 DLC Bass.jpg
DQB2 DLC Salmon.jpg
DQB2 DLC Blue Tang.jpg
Blue Tang
Humphead Wrasse.jpg
Humphead Wrasse
DQB2 DLC Red Snapper.jpg
Red Snapper
DQB2 DLC Sunfish.jpg
DQB2 DLC Anglerfish.jpg
DQB2 DLC Nautilus.jpg
King Salmon.jpg
King Salmon
DQB2 DLC Coelacanth.jpg
DQB2 DLC Manta Ray.jpg
Manta Ray
DQB2 DLC Whale Shark.jpg
Whale Shark
Building blocks
DQB2 DLC Netting.jpg
Polka-Dot Block.jpg
Polka-Dot Block
Decorative Items
Flame-Grilled Fish.jpg
Flame-Grilled Fish
Fancy Fresh Fish Platter.jpg
Fancy Fresh Fish Platter
Marine Monument.jpg
Marine Monument
Basalt Blob.jpg
Basalt Blob
DQB2 DLC Seagrass.jpg
Red Seagrass.jpg
Red Seagrass
Pillar Coral.jpg
Pillar Coral
DQB2 DLC Anemone.jpg
Anemone (All colors)

Modernist Pack[edit]

The Modernist Pack includes modern, fancy recipes. Unlike the other DLC packs, the modernist DLC doesn't introduce any mechanic nor island or Explorer's Shore.

The Flashy Formalwear is one of the two alternative outfits Malroth can wear, the other one being the Dangerous Swimsuit that he rocks when swimming.

Fancy Formalwear.jpg
Fancy Formalwear
Dandy Do.jpg
Dandy Do
Wavy Locks.jpg
Wavy Locks
Building blocks
Seaside Scene Block.jpg
Seaside Scene Block
Jungle Wall Block.jpg
Jungle Wall
Sunset-Styled Block.jpg
Sunset-Styled Block
Fruity Fiend Block.jpg
Fruity Fiend Block
Palm-Patterned Block.jpg
Palm-Patterned Block
Seaweed-Styled Block.jpg
Seaweed-Styled Block
Diamond Design Block.jpg
Diamond Design Block
Abstract Floral Floor Block.jpg
Abstract Floral Floor Block
Stripy Wall.jpg
Stripy Wall
Stylish Stripy Block.jpg
Stylish Stripy Block
Vintage Wall.jpg
Vintage Wall
Mottled Wall.jpg
Mottled Wall
Chintzy Block.jpg
Chintzy Block
Modern Masonry Block.jpg
Modern Masonry Block
Stucco Wall Block.jpg
Stucco Wall Block
Slimy Wall.jpg
Slimy Wall
Classy Cross Block.jpg
Classy Cross Block
Faux Floral Floor Block.jpg
Faux Floral Floor Block
Old-Skool Wall Block.jpg
Old-Skool Wall Block
Night Sky Wall Block.jpg
Night Sky Wall Block
Art Deco Block.jpg
Art Deco Block
Gingham Carpet.jpg
Gingham Carpet
Damask Design Block.jpg
Damask Design Block
Herringbone Floorboard Block.jpg
Herringbone Floorboard Block
Refined Design Block.jpg
Refined Design Block
Chequered Block.jpg
Chequered Block
Granite Floor Block.jpg
Granite Floor Block
Stylish Staircase.jpg
Stylish Staircase
Angled Window.jpg
Angled Window
Wooden Blind Headrail.jpg
Wooden Blind Headrail
Wooden Blind Body.jpg
Wooden Blind Body
Classy Canopy.jpg
Classy Canopy
Sliding Glass Door.jpg
Sliding Glass Door
Fansi Dor.jpg
Fänsi Dør
Biig Dor.jpg
Biig Dør
Linken Lampe.jpg
Linken Låmpe
Tabel Lampe.jpg
Täbel Låmpe
Floor Lampe.jpg
Floör Låmpe
Walle Lampe.jpg
Wälle Låmpe
Wooden Lampe.jpg
Woöden Låmpe
Fansi Lait.jpg
Fänsi Låit
Basic Bunk.jpg
Basic Bunk
Double Bed.jpg
Double Bed
Tartan Bed.jpg
Tartan Bed
Kaffe Tabel.jpg
Kaffe Täbel
Fansi Tabel.jpg
Fänsi Täbel
Distinguished Deckchair.jpg
Distinguished Deckchair
DQB2 DLC Sofa.jpg
Classy Couch.jpg
Classy Couch
Bubbly Bath.jpg
Bubbly Bath
Basic Basin.jpg
Basic Basin
Sleek Shelf.jpg
Sleek Shelf
Gift-Wrapped Gift.jpg
Gift-Wrapped Gift
Decorative Items
Coloured Cup.jpg
Coloured Cup
Omletti Spaghetti.jpg
Omletti Spaghetti
Plate of Pancakes.jpg
Plate of Pancakes
Chopping Board.jpg
Chopping Board
Cooking Pot.jpg
Cooking Pot
Long-Stemmed Rose.jpg
Long-Stemmed Rose
DQB2 DLC Alarm Clock.jpg
Alarm Clock
Tower of Towels.jpg
Tower of Towels
High Heels.jpg
High Heels
Chic Sunbrella.jpg
Chic Sunbrella
Rigid rope.jpg
Rigid rope
DQB2 DLC Iron Pillar.jpg
Iron Pillar
Wooden Pillar.jpg
Wooden Pillar
Wall Hanging
Display Hook.jpg
Display Hook
Display Frame.jpg
Display Frame
Trendy Triptych.jpg
Trendy Triptych
DQB2 DLC Modern Art.jpg
Modern Art
Crafting Station
Kitchen Counter.jpg
Kitchen Counter

By platform[edit]

PlayStation 4[edit]

The 3 paid DLC are not included in the base game, however they are included in the Digital Deluxe Edition. Alternatively, they can be purchased individually or via the Season Pass.

  • The Designer's Sunglasses can be obtained by purchasing the Season Pass, or the Digital Deluxe Edition.
  • The Legendary Line Art Recipe is available for free to all PlayStation Plus subscribers. It allows the player to craft a painting of the Scions of Erdrick.
  • The Lo-Res Luminary Recipes are available for free to all PlayStation Plus subscribers. The pack includes a set of recipes for building pixel versions of the Scions of Erdrick.
  • Day One Edition bonus: The Stackable Slime recipe if gifted to all players who purchase the game.
  • Pre-order bonuses: They include the placeable Dragon Quest logo, the ornamental medicinal herb, and the ornamental chimaera wing.
  • Deluxe pre-order bonuses: Include the regular pre-order bonuses plus the Five Sigil Blocks.
    The Digital Deluxe Edition also includes a PS4 Theme featuring the main characters.
  • Builder bonus: Having a DQB1 savefile unlocks the Historic Hairband / Hat (cosmetic hair) and Historic Hammer (cosmetic mallet), while having started the final chapter in DQB1 unlocks Dragonlord's throne. These items must be claimed via the "Builder bonus" button on the main menu.


Like on PS4, the paid DLC is available for purchase separately, in the Season Pass, or included with the Digital Deluxe Edition.

  • The Designer's Sunglasses can be obtained by purchasing the Season Pass, or the Digital Deluxe Edition.
  • Digital edition bonuses / Pre-order bonuses: The bonuses include all the pixelated character items, the Legendary Line Art, the five sigil bonuses, the Dragon Quest logo, the ornamental medicinal herb, and the ornamental chimaera wing.
  • Builder bonus: Having a DQB1 savefile unlocks the Historic Hairband / Hat (cosmetic hair) and Historic Hammer (cosmetic mallet), while having started the final chapter in DQB1 unlocks Dragonlord's throne. These items must be claimed via the "Builder bonus" button on the main menu.

PC, Xbox & Gamepass[edit]

On these platforms, all the DLC is included with the base game.