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Dragon Quest Builders 2
Japanese name ジバコ
Romaji Jibako
Class Warrior
Race Human

Britney is a character from Dragon Quest Builders 2.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Britney is based on Japanese Gal fashion, having dark skin, bleached blonde hair, heavy eyeliner, and makes heavy use of slang terms when speaking. She wears the typical warrior uniform of a blue helmet with yellow horns and a blue long tunic with a mathcing vertical yellow stripe in the center. Under this she wears a white long sleeved shirt with matching pants, and her gloves and boots are brown.

Britney is a bubbly, perpetually cheerful girl who quickly makes friends with the Builder after being given a simple sword as a gift. Though very laid back, she takes her duties seriously and will fight any monster that wanders into the town she is protecting without a second thought. She is also a lover of food, shouting in joy whenever a recipe is prepared in her vicinity.


Dragon Quest Builders 2[edit]

Britney is first encountered on the island of Furrowfield, taking shelter in an abandoned windmill. She wants to use the nearby anvil to make herself a new sword to replace her cypress stick, but the threatening influence of the Children of Hargon renders her hesitant. When given an iron sword by the Builder she begins to doubt the cult, and when the group are attacked by a hive's worth of Army ants she recants completely and volunteers to protect Furrowfield while the Builder restores the farming community. Caring about the villagers (and her skin's health), she suggests that a public bath be built to provide relief after a long day's work.

After the events of the island are completed and the farming community is restored, Britney requests to travel with the Builder to the Isle of Awakening.


  • Her English dialogue makes use of a lot of Western internet culture slang and "meme speak".