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Perry is a character in Dragon Quest Builders 2.

Appearance & Personality[edit]

Perry has a short, orange bowl cut that is parted at the center. He has grey eyes and wears a green farmers outfit, with a towel around his neck and black boots. He is very kind, but easily scared, and is mortified of the thought of disobeying the Children of Hargon, But later becomes more familiar with building and even gathers materials for the Deitree.


Perry is a farmer, and will water crops and harvest them in a field. He is a Coward, and will not fight, but instead back off, and will quiver while the enemy approaches, saying phrases like like “L-leave me alone!”

The Builder and Malroth meet Perry when he and Bonanzo are trying to grow wheat. Unfortunately the spoil spore goes off and ruins the crop. When Bonanzo chastises the builder for showing up, Perry leaves until the Builder grows his first batch of cabbages. From then on, he becomes very interested in building, and then commits when the Builder's Bell is rung for the first time.

Once the Light Bulb is planted, Perry warns the Builder and Rosie that Pastor Al is heading for them. Once he threatens to burn the farm down, Perry apologizes profusely. Once the Pastor agrees to spare them, Perry mutters about how Rosie forced him into rebuilding Furrowfield.


In Spanish, his name is Ruperto, and in German, his name is Peer.