Pastor Al

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Pastor Al
Dragon Quest Builders 2
DQII Magus.png
Japanese name マギール
Romaji Magiru
Race Magus

"My superiors need not know of your... arboreal indiscretion. I will keep your secret, so long as you keep growing this tree-but should it dwindle and die, then so shall you!"

—Allying with the farmers of Furrowfield

Pastor Al, full name Alakazam, is a magus of the Children of Hargon. Despite his membership of the cult, he is not actually particularly swayed by the act of destruction.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Al looks identical to a standard magus and has no particular defining physical traits separating him from his brethren.

Pastor Al has served as clergy of the Children of Hargon on Furrowfield for most of his known past. He was tutored by Hellen, one of the three cardinals of the Children of Hargon, in the teachings of the cult prior to his arrival on Furrowfield.

Contrary to his appearance and status, he is quite fond of farming and other things relating to plant life and building. It is due to these interests that he harbors much knowledge on growing plants and the fabled Deitree that once loomed over the island of Furrowfield. The seeds for his love of building first began to germinate when he encountered and was awed by the dead husk of the original Deitree, long before the second Builder came to Furrowfield. While Al turns out to be mostly harmless, he still enjoys jokingly threatening the human villagers by charging up a spell; he always clarifies that he speaks in jest afterwards.

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It is later revealed that the world that the Builder and Malroth are exploring is nothing but an illusion created by Hargon. Al was one of the illusions created to populate the illusory world.


Dragon Quest Builders 2[edit]

Pastor Al is Furrowfield's designated clergyman and all the residents on the island appear to already know him from previous encounters.

He first arrives at the farm when he sees the light from the newborn Deitree that Rosie and the Builder planted. He threatens to destroy it, but then decides that it would be better to destroy it after it gets bigger. He continues making such excuses while he gives Rosie and the Builder farming advice. He eventually relents in his facade when the Builder suggests he just join the town properly. He introduces himself as Al and requests that they call him "Pastor Al". He then fully accepts Rosie as his farming apprentice and friend.

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During the Furrowfield harvest festival, Al announces his intent to become a full fledged builder and return with the Builder to the Isle of Awakening. Everyone celebrates his decision, however he is tragically killed the next morning by his superior, a Brainy badboon. Malroth vows to kill the brainy badboon for this and Rosie and the other villagers promise to revive the town in Al's memory.

Al is long remembered by the others after his death; his fellow magus Hellen also reminisces on him sadly if she is brought to Furrowfield.


  • Despite being a magus and presumably capable of combat, Al will not actually participate in defending Furrowfield Farm.
  • The name "Pastor Al" is a farming pun. On top of the obvious religious meaning, it is also a split up version of the word "pastoral", as in the word for a type of field.