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The island of Furrowfield is one of the main locations in Dragon Quest Builders 2. When the player first sets foot upon the island it is festering away, with massive mushrooms, pools of fetid water, and nutrient-deprived soil as far as the eye can see.


Dragon Quest Builders 2[edit]

Furrowfield is the second island that the Builder and Malroth sail to under the instruction of the Hairy Hermit. The people of the land are malnourished and incapable of tilling the land thanks to the strict enforcement of the Children of Hargon's laws against cultivation. However, a young woman named Rosie wants to restore the fields into flourishing farmland and enlists the Builder's aid. Deducing that cultivation cannot take place in voided soil, Rosie and the Builder enlist the help of a friendly earthworm that goes by the name of Wrigley. The worm aerates the soil and revitalizes patches of peat, which are then turned into tilling fields for cabbage. More residents are won over thanks to the delicious crops the trio begin to harvest, and the attention of a priest of the children of Hargon named Al takes notice of the abandonment of the cult's teachings.

Instead of obliterating the heretics, Al is won over by the enthusiasm of Rosie and guides the group along with tasks to push their skills to new heights under the false pretense of waiting for more development to take place in order to make the destruction of the farm more satisfying. This does not go unpunished by the leader of the island, a colossal Brainy badboon. When the conflict is over and Furrowfields have been restored to full vitality, Rosie and a handful of farmers travel with the Builder and Malroth to the Isle of Awakening.