Builder (Dragon Quest Builders 2)

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"The Builder"
Dragon Quest Builders 2
DQB2 Builder male 2.png
DQB2 Builder female 2.png
Japanese name 主人公
Romaji Main character
Race Human
Age Adolescent
Voice actor Kengo Kawanishi (male)
Akane Fujita (female)

The Builder is the protagonist of Dragon Quest Builders 2. After being swept away when a ship controlled by the Children of Hargon sinks, the Builder awakens on the Isle of Awakening and is told by the Hairy Hermit to go out into the world, meet and recruit new people to help rebuild the Island, and ward off the teachings of Hargon and His disciples.

The Builder's default names are Bildrick (ビルド Birudo) for the male hero and Creatrix (クリエ Kurie) for the female hero.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

The male Builder wears a long-sleeved undershirt with a black vest on top. He also wears blue pants, dull orange boots and gloves and a red neckerchief. The female Builder wears a red and white zig-zag pattern dress, a yellow neckerchief, dull orange boots and gloves, red bows on her pigtails and white earrings.

Both versions of the Builder also sport a bag on their backs that hold a Builderpedia, a large book of recipes and blueprints that The Builder will consistently write in as the game progresses. The Builder is never willingly seen without their backpack, which contains their Builderpedia. The Builder is very possessive of their book, and does not allow others to touch or look through it. The book has been their possession since childhood and contains countless drawings and writings about wanting to build things for others.

Similar to the Builders from the previous games, both versions are silent outside of the occasional grunts and cheers. However, contrasting their blank-faced forerunners, multiple characters comment on the Builder's unrelenting smile and strong commitment to building.

The Builder is of a kind and generous personality, and maintains a cheerful disposition throughout most of the game. As noted by many people, the Builder appears to have little aversion to monsters and will help monsters and humans alike. While the Builder becomes friendly with virtually everyone they meet, the bond forged with Malroth ends up being particularly strong.


The Builder wakes up captive in a ship controlled by the Children of Hargon, along with a few other prisoners such as Lulu. The monsters on board then strike a deal with the Builder: if they repair and decorate the ship then they'll be spared, at least for now. After repairing the ship performing a few odd jobs, the ship hits a massive rock, tearing apart bits of the ship and causing water to rush in. The attempts to repair the ship are futile, and the Builder is swept away while the ship sinks to the bottom of the ocean.

The Builder then washes up on the Isle of Awakening, and meets Malroth, an amnesiac with a passion of destroying, and Lulu, the only survivor of the sinking ship besides the Builder. After the three spend a day together, they climb to the top of the island's central mountain and meet the Hairy Hermit, who then informs them of the island's past and how to restore the island back to its glory.


Unlike the first game, the Builder is not the only person with the power of creation. Thus, technically speaking, the Builder has no particularly unique abilities, and is even noted to be somewhat feeble in terms of offensive abilities by Malroth. The Builder does, however, stand out by their sheer, creativity, determination, and willpower to help others despite opposition from many sides.


Little is known of the Builder's past, though they are mentioned to be a native of Cantlin a few times throughout the game.


  • Though never stated in the game, the official Japanese website for Dragon Quest Builders 2 suggests that they are the descendant of the Builder from Dragon Quest Builders.