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Official art of the Windbreaker

The Windbreaker is a key item in II and accessory in VII.


Dragon Quest II[edit]

The cloak is a plot-driving item that must be equipped like an accessory, and is located in the 8th floor of the Pillar of Winds. Although the cloak has no protection benefits, equipping it enables the wearer to benefit from its special capability to jump long distances, which is needed to traverse a massive river dividing two continents. To do so, the player must jump from either apex of the Dragon's Horn towers.

Dragon Quest VII 3DS[edit]

Reappearing after a long absence, the Windbreaker is an accessory that everyone but prince Kiefer can equip. It increases agility by +50, and boosts evasion by 33.3%.


Allows the wearer to ride the wind just a little.[1]



  1. Mobile, Android and iOS version
  2. Nintendo 3DS Version