Captain Brownbeard

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Captain Brownbeard
Dragon Quest Builders 2
Japanese name ヤス船長
Romaji Yasu Sencho
Race Human

Captain Brownbeard is a character in Dragon Quest Builders 2, who serves to ferry the player between the various islands of the game.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

The captain is a middle-aged man with busy facial hair, large lips, and unusual eyebrows. He bears a passing similarity of the Merchants of Dragon Quest III, wearing a turban with a large gem set as the fastener, an open vest, and large baggy pants.

Captain Brownbeard first appears befuddled at the strange circumstances taking place on the Isle of Awakening, but quickly adapts to the situation and comes to see the other characters as his friends. Brownbeard is no fighter, but he does volunteer the use of his ship to aid the Builder and Malroth. When venturing onto an island, Brownbeard will stay by the ship and not move from the spot until the player returns.


Dragon Quest Builders 2[edit]

The captain disembarks on to the Island of Awakening soon after the player speaks to the Hairy Hermit. Upon speaking to the Builder, he explains that he became lost while sailing an unfamiliar route and stopped at the island to find supplies.