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Dragon Quest Builders 2
Japanese name Unknown
Romaji Unknown
Race Human
Family Lillian (sister)

Saffron is a character in Dragon Quest Builders 2.

She meets The Builder and his friend Malroth when they travel with a Furrowfield Retriever to Furrowfield Bog.

Appearance & Personality[edit]

Saffron wears a red and white dress with a yellow rim near the collar, and a white shirt underneath, plus a black ribbon around her waist. Her hair is long and brown.

Saffron is very timid and a follower of the Children of Hargon out of fear. However, she loves to cook and this may end up getting her punished. She tries her hardest to take care of her younger sister, Lillian.


The Builder and Malroth meet Saffron and her younger sister Lillian in a small cave. They were put there and chained to the wall by the Children of Hargon for cooking. Saffron is scared to stand up against the Children of Hargon, but later admits that she loves to cook.

Once the Brainy badboon is defeated, she stays in town continuing to cook for the people, and allegedly opens a bakery. She can be brought to the Isle of Awakening in the post-game.