Item placement limitations in Dragon Quest Builders 2

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The player hits the limitation on general chests.

Due to how the game works, there are many limitations to how many items of a same kind can be placed per island in Dragon Quest Builders 2. Upon reaching any of them, the game will show the player a warning with red text.

Room limitations[edit]

For the game to register a room, the required items for the room type to register must be placed within 3 levels: the first two blocks upwards from the door's bottom, and the block below. Anything below or higher will not count towards the room type or score.

There is a 100 room limit per island. The player can build more, but only the first 100 rooms will be registered and identified. This means the player can still use them, but the npcs will not use them as intended.

Rooms also have two size limits: They cannot be wider nor longer than 32 blocks, and the maximum amount of blocks a room can have is 150. Anything beyond these requirements will not count as a room.

Hard limitations[edit]

The following limitations are hard, meaning the game won't allow players to bypass them.

The player will be met with the following message when they try to place more items: "You can't place any more!".

  • Residents: 60 (after Moonbrooke, includes farm animals and tamed monsters)
    • The 60 villagers per island limit also applies to Buildertopias. However, newly found villagers can only go to Isle of Awakening until reassigned, so it's advised to leave some free spots on the island if one plans on populating their Buildertopias.
  • Crops: 1024
    • Not-fully grown crops placed outside of fields or tillable soil do count towards this limit.
    • Fully grown crops placed outside of fields or tillable soil do not.
  • Salutation Station: 60
  • Pictures: 10
    • This group includes: Picture Frame, Hanging Picture (DLC), Trendy Triptych (DLC), and Modern Art (DLC).
  • Watchfire: 64
  • Firework Cannon: 65
  • Buggy Buggy: 4
    • The player can place more Buggy Buggy blueprints, but they will not transform into the vehicle.
  • Ward of Erdrick: 4
  • Magnet Block: 256
    • However, placing the 256th block removes the magnetic function of any block placed on the island.
  • Fish (DLC): 50

Soft limitations[edit]

The following limitations allow the player to place more items, with the caveat that they will not have the item's specific function and thus they can be placed as decorations.

The player will be met with the following message when they hit the limit: "Any more items of this type that you place will not be usable.".

  • General Storage: 32 (+ the chests placed by npcs due to story reasons)
    • This group includes: Community chest, Colossal coffer, Storage bay.
  • Outfit Storage: 64
    • This group includes: Chest of Drawers, Wardrobe, Armoire, Wooden Cabinet (DLC), Gift-Wrapped Gift (DLC).
    • The group's name is indicative, these wardrobes can actually hold the same kinds of items as most other chests.
  • Drawer: 32
  • Cupboard: 16
  • Food Storage: 32
    • This list includes: Simple supper set, Crockery
  • Decorative Food Storage: 32
    • This list includes: Fungusboard, Salad Plate, Soup and Salad Set, Bread Basket, Crock Pot, Deep-Fried Feast, Fish Dish, Meat Feast, Supersized Steak Set, Meaty Marshy Mountain, Sponge Cake, Fruity Parfait, Tea Service, Banana Basket, Celebratory Soup (DLC), Rice Dumpling Arrangement (DLC), Rice Ball Arrangement (DLC), Flame-Grilled Fish, Fancy Fresh Fish Platter, Omletti Spaghetti, Plate of Pancakes.
  • Decorative Drink Storage: 32
    • This list includes: Full Flagon, Cactail, Colored Cup (DLC).
  • Pet Dish: 32
  • Displays: 128
    • This group includes: Item Display Stand, Display Hook (DLC), Display Frame (DLC).
  • Equipment Display Stand: 32
  • Price Tag: 32
  • Signs: 20
    • This group includes:, Signpost, Fancy Signpost, Fat Rat Signpost.
  • Crafting Stations: 128
    • This group includes: Worn-Out Workstation, Wooden Workbench, Iron Workbench, Stone Workbench, Infernal Workbench, Builder's Workbench, Carpenter's Workstation, Mason's Workstation, Welder's Workstation, Machinist's Workbench, Wizard's Workbench, Forge, Anvil, Bonfire, Cookfire, Brick Barbacue, Kitchen Counter (DLC), Stain Extractor, Cask, Sewing Station, Stickler's Sifter, Forbidden Altar, Furnace, Colour Wheel, Tree Stump.
    • It does not include the Tinting Tun.
  • Station Set: 32
    • In this particular instance, the stations still work and the player is not notified the limit has been reached. However, when placing new sets they do not get highlighted like they normally should.