List of battle equipment in Dragon Quest Builders 2

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The following list includes all available weapons, armour, and clothing available to the Builder and Malroth


Builder's weapons[edit]

Image Name Description Requirements Ingredients
Pretty paddle b2.png Pretty paddle A beautiful bat for badmiton or other fun and games. Attack +4 Hotto stuff DLC pack 2 iron ingot, 1 glass
Cypress stick builders icon.png Cypress stick A broken branch whittle to work as a weapon. Attack +8 Play tutorial 10 Wood
Stone sword builders icon.png Stone sword A sword of honed stone with a wooden pommel. Attack +18 Level 3 3 stone
Barbed blade b2.png Barbed blade A wooden sword with sharp, pointy protrusions. Attack +28 None 2 bramble, 1 wood
Poison needle b2.png Poison needle A pernicious poker with a toxic tip. Attack +20 Defeat the super-strong illerpillar in Furrowfield 1 bramble, 1 night soil, 1 grass fibre
Copper sword builders icon.png Copper sword A simple sword with a blade of beaten copper. Attack +40 None 3 copper ingots
Iron broadsword builders icon.png Iron broadsword A strong sword forged of iron. Attack +50 None 3 iron ingots
Dragonsbane b2.png Dragonsbane A strangely shaped weapon that's wonderful for warding off wyrms. Attack +52 Defeat the super-strong tyrantosaurus at the Khrumbul-Dun oasis 4 iron ingots, 1 gold ingot, 1 dragon scale
Falcon blade b2.png Falcon blade A feather-light falchion that strikes like a swooping hawk. Attack +42 Defeat the super-strong hunter mech at Rimey Reef 3 steel ingots, 1 silvery sludge, 1 gold ingot
Steel broadsword builders icon.png Steel broadsword A weighty weapon with a sharp steel blade. Attack +64 None 3 steel ingots
Fire blade builders icon.png Fire blade A sword forged in the shape of a raging inferno. Attack +74, long-ranged spinning slice None 3 magic crystals, 3 rockbomb shards, 1 steel broadsword
Mountaincleaver b2.png Mountaincleaver A steel sword with a blade so sharp it can split stone asunder. Attack +82 Defeat the super-strong blue dragon south of the Moonbrooke docks 4 steel ingots, 1 gold ingot
Aurora blade builders icon.png Aurora blade Made from a mysterious metal that shines like the sun. Attack +80, long-ranged spinning slice None 3 mythril, 1 ruby, 1 steel broadsword
Sword of Kings builders icon.png Sword of Kings A sacred sword forged from a mythical metal. Attack +86, extra spinning slice damage None 3 orichalcum, 2 steel ingots, 1 gold ingot, 1 zenithium
Thunderbolt blade b2.png Thunderbolt blade Attack +96 Ruined ship in Malhalla, dropped by hargonauts N/A
Sword of ruin builders icon.png Sword of ruin An unweildy weapon with a strange and sinister shape. Attack +50, cursed Defeat the super-strong boss troll on the defiled isle 2 orichalcum, 1 silvery sludge, 1 humongous horn, 1 terrible talon
Liquid metal sword b2.png Liquid metal sword Attack +112 Reward for 90 mini medals N/A
Falcon blade b2.png Uber falcon blade A feather-light falchion that strikes like a swooping hawk. Attack +126 Equip the sword of ruin, check appearance in a mirror, change the displayed weapon to a falcon blade in the menu None
Erdrick's sword builders icon.png Erdrick's Sword The fabled blade of a legendary Hero. Attack +118, extra spinning slice damage Defeat the super-strong dread dragon at Unholy Holms 3 orichalcum, 2 steel ingots, 1 gold ingot, 1 silvery sludge, 1 zenithium

Malroth's weapons[edit]

Image Name Description Requirements Ingredients
Oaken club builders icon.png Oaken club A stout and sturdy wooden cudgel. Attack +12 None 2 wood
Stone axe builders icon.png Stone axe A crude cleaver with a stone-hewn head. Attack +24 None 3 stone, 1 wood, 1 cord
Spiked club b2.png Spiked club A basic bludgeon embedded with barbaric bards. Attack +42 None 2 big bramble, 2 wood
Iron axe builders icon.png Iron axe A heavy metal hatchet with a wooden handle. Attack +56 None 3 iron ingots, 1 wood
Night club b2.png Night club A rugged cudgel wrought of reinforced wood. Attack +62 Defeat the super-strong troll in the Krumbuhl-Dun mine 6 wood, 3 iron ingots
Battleaxe builders icon.png Battleaxe A stout and steely weapon of war. Attack +74 None 3 steel ingots, 3 iron ingots
Gigantes's club b2.png Gigantes's club A colossal cudgel enchanted for extreme destruction. Attack +88 None 3 magic crystals, 3 wood
Hela's hammer b2.png Hela's hammer A hammer that's as hefty as it is holy. Attack +120 Reward for completing game 3 orichalcum, 3 silvery sludge


Image Name Description Requirements Ingredients
Female builder's workwear icon b2.png Builder's workwear Ordinary attire for the aspiring builder. Defence +5 None 4 grass fibre
Plain clothes icon.png Plain clothes An ordinary outfit for everyday wear None 3 grass fibre, 1 cord
Leather armour builders icon.png Leather armour N/A Defeat the super-strong orc king in Blossom Bay N/A
Training togs builders icon.png Training togs A uniform of flexible fabric that makes movement a breeze. Defence +16, increases agility None 4 grass fibre, 1 cord
Tortoise shell icon b2.png Tortoise shell Armour with a ridig back resembling that of a reptile. Defence +23 Defeat the super-strong crabber dabber doo in Furrowfield 5 bones, 1 grass fibre
Chain mail builders icon.png Chain mail A cushioned coat made from interlocking loops of metal. Defence +28 None 2 copper ingots, 1 fur
Iron armour icon b2.png Iron armour A suit of protective plate fashioned from iron ingots. Defence +39 None 3 iron ingots, 1 fur, 1 cord
Dragon mail icon b2.png Dragon mail A sturdy suit of armour assembled from the impervious scales of a dragon. Defence +42, reduces fire and ice damage Defeat the super-strong tyrantosaurus east of Krumbuhl-Dun town 3 dragon scales, 1 gold ingot, 1 cord
Full plate armour builders icon.png Full plate armour A sturdy suit of impenetrable steel plate None 3 steel ingots, 2 grass fibres, 1 cord
Magic armour builders icon.png Magic armour Gaudy green armour made from a magical metal None 5 magic crystals, 1 full plate armour
Tectonic plate icon b2.png Tectonic plate Armour of the strongest steel, forged in the fires deep down underground> Defence +56 Defeat the super-strong blue dragon near Moonaham 3 steel ingots, 2 cotton, 1 gold ingot
Auroral armour builders icon.png Auroral armour Illustrious armour blessed by benevolent Rubiss Herself. Defence +61, reduces fire and ice damage, no terrain damage None 3 zenithium, 2 orichalcum, 2 gold ingots, 1 ruby
Spiked armour builders icon.png Spiked armour Barbarous barbed armour adorned with thorns. Defence +75, reflects 50% damage back to monsters None 3 mythril, 2 orichalcum, 1 fur
Wailer’s mail builders icon.png Wailer's mail Abominable armour built from the bones of the damned. Defence +87, cursed Defeat the super-strong stone guardian on the Unholy Holm 3 bones, 2 orichalcum, 1 silvery sludge, 1 fur, 1 supersized skull
Liquid metal armour icon b2.png Liquid metal armour N/A 82 mini medals N/A


Image Name Description Requirements Ingredients
Girl builder outfit.pngBoy builder outfit icon.png Wayfarer's clothes A light and long-lasting tunic for the trendy traveller. Defence +5, increases agility None 5 grass fibre, 2 cord
Female bath towel icon b2.pngMale bath towel icon b2.png Bath towel A comfy cloth for drying down after a delightful soak None 6 grass fibre
Plain clothes icon.png Plain clothes An ordinary ordinary outfit for everyday wear None 3 grass fibre, 1 cord
Cottontail costume icon b2.png Cottontail costume Fashionable attire to allure the eyes of onlookers. Defence +10 None 3 fur, 2 cotton, 2 grass fibre
Scandalous swimsuit icon.png Scandalous swimsuit Skimpy swimwear for those who like to show some skin. Defence +5 Build Pool of Paradise on the Isle of Awakening 3 cotton, 1 cord
Guard’s garb icon.png Guard's garb The unmistakable uniform of an Alefgardian guardsman. Defence +10 None 2 grass fibre, 2 fur, 1 cord
Villager’s vesture icon.png Villager's vesture Classy clobber preferred by trendy townspeople. Defence +10 None Grass fibre 3, 1 cord
Male townsperson's togs icon b2.png Townsperson's Togs Loose fitting fabrics for work and leisure. Defence +10 None 3 grass fibre, 1 cord, 1 cotton
Trader’s tunic icon.png Trader's tunic Lightweight leisure wear that won't weight a travelling trader down. Defence +10 None 3 grass fibre, 1 cord
Farming gear icon b2.png Farming gear Durable attire for agrarian types. Defence +10 None 3 grass fibre, 1 cord
Nun's habit.png Nun's habit Prim and proper attire befitting a Sister in service to the Church. Defence +10 None 3 cotton, 2 silver ingots
Female troubadour's togs icon b2.pngMale troubadour's togs icon b2.png Troubadour's togs Gaudy garb to be worn by a world-wandering minstrel. Defence +10 None 3 cotton, 2 gold ingots
Ragged rags icon.png Ragged rags A torn and tattered tunic that provides paltry protection. Defence +1 None 3 grass fibre
Cloak of evasion builders icon.png Cloak of evasion Artful attire that lends its wearer a certain speediness. Defence +40, increases agility Defeat the super-strong king slime at Sunny Sands isle 3 grass fibre, 2 cotton, 1 cord, 1 magic crystal
Fur coat icon b2.png Fur coat An exotic overcoat fashioned from the fur of a fabulous beast. Defence +54 Defeat the super-strong silvapithecus at Laguna Perfuma isle 5 fur
Flowing dress builders icon.png Flowing dress A ravashing robe fashioned from the finest silk. Defence +40, reduces fire and ice damage Krumbuhl-Dun, in Lava Area 5 cotton, 3 cord
Midenhall garb icon b2.png Midenhall garb The august attire worn by the Prince of Midenhall. Defence +15 14 mini medals 5 grass fibre, 2 fur, 2 cord
Cannock cloak icon b2.png Cannock cloak The glorious garb worn by the Prince of Cannock. Defence +15 38 mini medals 5 grass fibre, 1 gold ingot
Moonbrooke frock icon b2.png Moonbrooke frock The regal raiments worn by the Princess of Moonbrooke. Defence +15 70 mini medals 4 grass fibre, 3 cotton
Chic swimsuit icon b2.pngMale chic swimsuit.png Chic swimsuit A cool and comforting costume that's superbly suited for swimming. Defence +2 Aquarium DLC 5 cotton, 3 grass fibres
Female flashy formalwear icon b2.pngMale fancy formal wear.png Flashy formalwear Fancy clothes for fancy events. Defence +10 Modernist DLC 5 cotton, 3 grass fibre


Image Name Description Requirements Ingredients
Leather shield builders icon.png Leather shield A basic buckler hardened with hide Defeat the super-strong orc at Soggy Skerry 2 fur, 1 wood
Pot lid b2.png Pot lid The wooden top of a pot, fitted with a handle to serve as a shield. Defence +5 None 1 wood
Iron shield builders icon.png Iron shield A sturdy iron shield with a wooden handle. Defence +12 None 2 iron ingots, 1 wood
Power shield b2.png Power shield A brightly buffed buckler that harbors the strength of heaven and earth. Defence +14 Defeat the super-strong troll east of Krumbuhl-Dun town 1 zenithium, 1 gold ingot, 1 silver ingot
Tempest shield b2.png Tempest shield A shield that swells with the strength of a thousand storms. Defence +18 Defeat the super-strong cumaulus at Iridescent Shores 3 iron ingots, 1 gold ingot, 1 mythril
Steel shield builders icon.png Steel shield A strong shield shaped from a single sheet of steel. Defence +22 None 2 steel ingots, 1 wood
Magic shield builders icon.png Magic shield A light and luminous shield made from a magical metal. Defence +24, reduces fire and ice damage None 3 magic crystals, 1 steel shield
Hero's shield builders icon.png Hero's shield The sacred shield of a Hero of legend. Defence +32 2 zenithium, 2 steel ingots, 1 gold ingot, 1 ruby
Silver shield builders icon.png Silver shield A bejeweled buckler buffed to a silvery sheen. Defence +36 Defeat the super-sized gold golem at Coral Cay 10 silvery sludge, 1 magic crystal, 1 wood
Ogre shield b2.png Ogre shield An oversized shield almost too hefty for human hands. Defence +38 Level 40 1 orichalcum, 1 mythril, 1 gold ingot
Liquid metal shield b2.png Liquid metal shield A shield shaped from the hardened ooze of an ill-starred slime. Defence +40 65 mini medals 2 silvery sludge, 2 steel ingots
Thanatos’ shield builders icon.png Thanatos' shield An abominable aegis adorned with a horned skull. Defence +42, cursed Defeat the super-sized merking at Coral Cay 10 silvery sludge, 1 magic crystal, 1 wood