Wailer's mail

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For the cursed armor from Dragon Quest III and VII, see Hate mail.
Wailer's mail
Wailer's mail old.jpg
Japanese あくまのよろい
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Old localizations Gremlin's armor
Devil armor
Found in Dragon Quest II
Dragon Quest Builders
Effect Randomly paralyzes wearer in battle

The wailer's mail, also known as the Gremlin's armor and Devil armor, is a set of armor from Dragon Quest II. It is the most powerful armor in the game, but it is cursed. If equipped, it will occasionally paralyze the wearer in battle.


Dragon Quest II[edit]

The wailer's mail (known as the Gremlin's Armor in the NES version and Devil Armor in the GBC version) has a defence bonus of +87 (+50 in the NES version). It can be equipped by the Hero and the Prince of Cannock. It is easily the most powerful piece of equipment in the game, but it is cursed. It is dropped by batmandrills and can be sold for 4,800 gold.

Dragon Quest Builders[edit]


Armour made of manifest malice.[1]



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