Scandalous swimsuit

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Scandalous swimsuit
DQIII Scandalous Swimsuit.png
Japanese あぶないみずぎ
Old localizations Revealing swimsuit, Tight bikini
Found in Dragon Quest II (MSX2 version only)
Dragon Quest III
Dragon Quest XI
Effect Increases defense of female characters.

The Scandalous swimsuit (あぶないみずぎ, dangerous swimsuit), formerly known as the revealing swimsuit and tight bikini, is a leotard that appeared in Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation.


The scandalous swimsuit has a Defense bonus of +1. In the NES version, it can be purchased from Asham for 1,100 Gold Coins. In the remakes, the scandalous swimsuit can only be purchased in Damdara for the price of 78,000 Gold Coins and can be sold for 58,500. One can also be found in the fifth Pachisi track at Jipang (Absent from the NES and cell phone versions).

Bikini Bliss.png

The scandalous swimsuit can be equipped only by females and also changes their appearance on the field.

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