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Jipang (Called Zipangu in the Gameboy color version) is a town in the overworld of Dragon Quest III. It is intended to be a representation of a Japan and is located in the same location Japan inhabits in the real world, as evidenced by the many torii leading up to the northern palace. The Japanese motif is further emphasized by the town soundtrack which has an eastern musical origin and by the specialized sprites used to represent the townspeople.

Jipang has no weapon, armor, or item shops, and outsiders (or outlanders, as they are sometimes called) are rarely seen by the inhabitants due to the islands' isolation from the rest of the world. This is a historical reference to Japan's longstanding Sakoku policy, which lasted until 1853.

Nearby monsters

Reign of Terror

Pimiko is the ruler of the country of Jipang and possesses the Purple Orb. However, upon first visit the hero finds the country under the reign of terror of the Orochi, who demands young girls as a sacrifice in the nearby Orochi's Lair. The hero and his party must then confront the Orochi in order to stop the sacrifices. In the process, they are able to acquire the Purple Orb.

Other treasures (Remakes only)


  • Sometime after Orochi's defeat, the people of Jipangu claim Pimiko's manor for their own place of living.
  • A well exists in the village. It will contain the 5th and final Pachisi Track after wishing it from Divinegon. Until the wish is made, the well contains nothing.


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