Alltrades Abbey (Dragon Quest III)

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Alltrades Abbey is a large temple in Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation where characters can change their Vocation.

The abbey is set in the mountains northeast of Baharata, which would place it in approximately the same location as Tibet in the real world. In the remakes of the game, the resident abbot will comment on the choices the player makes if the character's Personality doesn't match the lifestyle they are undertaking.

Changing careers[edit]

In order to change a character's vocation, that individual must first reach Level 20 in their current profession. Once this has been met, they may become any of the seven basic vocations and their stats will will be cut in half. An NPC advises to turn a Mage into a Warrior to have a caster with durability, and to change a Priest into a Martial Artist to make the group's healer lightning fast.

If the Hero attempts to change their vocation, the abbot will snap at them and ask who could save the world in their place.

Originally, the option to change a character into a Gadabout wasn't present, but later versions of the game allowed for the change.

Becoming a Sage[edit]

In order to become a Sage, a character must either possess the Words of Wisdom in their inventory or be a Gadabout. In the former case, the scroll will be removed from the character's possession and another must be acquired to change a non-Gadabout into a Sage.

Changing names[edit]

In the remakes of Dragon Quest III, there is an NPC which can change the name of any character. This NPC is located on the far left side outside the abbey. It is also possible to change the name of the player's Template:Bag when interacting with this NPC.

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