Castle of the Dragon Queen

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The Castle of the Dragon Queen is a castle in the overworld of Dragon Quest III. It is located in the mountains east of Khoryv. It is only accessible via Ramia and is not a return point.

Nearby enemies[edit]


Dragon Queen[edit]

The Dragon Queen lives in the castle, but is close to death at the time the heroes arrive at the castle. By speaking to her, they receive the Orb of Light, which is necessary in order to defeat Zoma, the final boss of Dragon Quest III. The queen lays an egg afterwards and ceases to exist.

Bonus Dungeon[edit]

In the remakes of Dragon Quest III, the castle serves as the entrance point to the first bonus dungeon. It can be found by standing in the sunlight of the northernmost window of the castle. This bonus dungeon leads the heroes to Cloudsgate Citadel and Xenlon, and serves as one of the few connections between the Erdrick trilogy (Dragon Quest I-III) and the Zenithia trilogy (Dragon Quest IV-VI).

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