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The Party in Dragon Quest III is the set of 0-3 characters which accompany the Hero on his/her quest to defeat Baramos and later, Zoma. Unlike many games in the main series, the party in Dragon Quest III is customizable by the player. The unique party system along with the class change system are 2 of the major reasons why Dragon Quest III was a major success as they both add a large amount of replay value to the game.

Patty's Party Planning Place[edit]

Patty's Party Planning Place is a location in the starting town of Aliahan where the hero can recruit party members. When the game starts, 3 characters are pre-registered: a Warrior, A Cleric, and a Wizard. Other characters can also be recruited depending on the player's preferences.


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After defeating Zoma, the hero becomes an ordinary party member. This means he/she can be dropped off at Patty's while another party member takes his/her place. This is especially significant in the remakes of Dragon Quest III as there are bonus dungeons available after the main game is over.

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