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Personality is a character attribute introduced in the Dragon Quest III remakes, and has been implemented in several games since.


Main series[edit]

Dragon Quest III remakes[edit]

In the Dragon Quest III remakes, a character's personality affects his or her stat gains when leveling up. Some personalities are restricted to one gender, and some are better suited to a particular vocation than others.

Some items temporarily override a character's personality while equipped, while books permanently change a character's personality when used.

Dragon Quest X[edit]

Companion monsters have personalities which affect their stats and A.I. behaviour. Players can change the character of their companions by sending them to Asperdo Academy from version 3.4 onwards.

Dragon Quest XI[edit]

Players using the 3DS version can assign a personality to their online profile. This is solely used as a communication tool, similar to sex and occupation.

Monsters series[edit]

Dragon Quest Monsters 1 & Dragon Quest Monsters 2[edit]

A monster's personality is composed of four aspects: "Bravery", "Caring", "Prudence", and "Motivation".

These values will be affected by the tactics chosen in battle, with Charge increasing bravery while lowing prudence, Mixed increasing prudence while lowering caring, and Cautious raising caring while lowering bravery. Motivation is increased by using any A.I. tactic, and lowered when a monster is given a direct order. Fleeing a battle will greatly reduce a monster's bravery and motivation.

A monster's listed personality is determined by all three stats and will change according to which aspects are raised or lowered via tactics. A monster of a higher level will take longer for their personality to change than it would take for a lower level one. Monsters with a high amount of wildness remaining will often ignore a direct command, whereas tamer monsters will typically obey any order given. Completely tame monsters have a very small chance of ignoring an order if it clashes with their personality type, such as a bravery-type ignoring an order to heal an ally.

Additionally, each personality trait yields one of two special actions for every monster when the aspect is above or below 50%, which are randomly activated once per battle. These abilities are:

High Bravery: Critical hit with any physical attack except for multi-target types. Stacks with base chance.

High Caring: Use a healing skill/spell without spending MP.

High Prudence: Status ailment skill/spell acts as if target's resistance is one level lower.

High Motivation: 50% additional damage with any attack.

Low Bravery: Like Defending Champion, but reduces damage by 50% instead of 90%.

Low Caring: Like Cop Out, but an ally always takes the hit.

Low Prudence: Like Pincushion, but only counters one attack.

Low Motivation: Like Dodgy Dance, but only evades one attack.

Personality types are not used in the Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry's Wonderland 3D remake.

Dragon Quest: Monster Parade[edit]